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Mangalwadi, blueDear Friends:
Your prayers have helped birth Virtues Inc.
One of its goals is to reverse the trend of college-students quitting church. If Virtues takes off, in future, most students will spend at least the first two years of their college in a local church.
I am pleased to report that a Minnesota-based Foundation has closely examined the development of Virtues Inc. and decided to help us launch it into a sustainable orbit. The following letter from Rev. (Dr.) Dave Glesne, explains how you can help.
Thank you for supporting this historic movement, Vishal Mangalwadi
“The best means of forming a manly, virtuous, and happy people will be found in the right education of youth. Without this foundation, every other means, in my opinion, must fail.”
– George Washington

Greetings from Virtues Inc. –
Virtues Inc. was birthed in early July of 2014 and since that time we have been working to build a college educational program that can be modeled in churches across the nation. Inquiries have come in from Minnesota, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Oregon – asking about becoming a Virtues Campus.
Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, prayer and support in beginning a reform in higher education in America!
Vision: To reestablish the local church in America as an educational center of the community.

Matching Your Financial Gifts!
We have a challenge and we need your help!
A Minnesota Foundation has generously offered to match all financial gifts given between now and October 15, 2014, up to a total of $50,000!
Would you consider partnering with us?
This is a way to double the impact your donation will have toward launching our start up campus here in Minnesota. Our start up needs are $10,000 a month for October – December.
Your tax-deductible donation can be made online at www.RevelationMovement.com.
Go to “Donate” and click on “Education Initiative”. While Virtues Inc.’s non-profit status is being established, funding will be channeled through our educational partner.
Just imagine if…
Hundreds, then thousands of churches took responsibility for educating our youth.
Every church had an Academic Pastor who took a personal interest in each student. For students who came from challenging home situations, churches and their congregations modeled what strong families looked like, perhaps even provided housing.
Students are equipped by practicing civic virtue through church and community service, and career skills through local internships.
Core courses leading to a two-year degree were studied through the lens of God’s revealed Truth.
This program was available for under $10,000 per year.
What could happen?
America is restored by those leading a virtuous life, dedicated to citizenship and strengthened by the Truth’s that are foundational to a free society.
This is what Virtues church-based college education is all about!

Your Prayers and Intercessions are requested for…
Funding the Startup Phase: That God will use the matching fund challenge to move many to invest in the Christ-centered education of our youth.
Finalizing Institutional Partnerships: That we will be able to build on our recent conversations with partnership institutions and formalize agreements with them.
Students: That God would instill in students the desire for an educational experience that helps them discover their calling and equips them with the knowledge, virtue, skills, friendships, and accredited degree to renew America and bless the world.

Noteworthy …
We are blessed to have talented people step forward to volunteer their time on projects they are uniquely qualified for. If you feel led to ask how you can help, please contact us.
Our New Office is located at the Redeemer Lutheran Church Coon Rapids Campus at 2135 Northdale Blvd., Coon Rapids, MN 55433. Contact email: dn.glesne@redeemermn.org.
Christ-Centered Curriculum: We have identified key elements that will work toward Virtues Inc.’s long-term goal to develop affordable web-based curriculum that integrates God’s truth into the fabric of the teaching material.
We will have more to share in the coming months.
Thank you for your help!
In His Service,
Dr. David Glesne, President of Virtues Inc.

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