Hans- Joachim Hahn - Revelation Movement

Personal Data: Born in Bermoll, Germany on Dec. 24.1950, married, 2 children, Religion: Free Protestant

Languages: German (mother tongue), English (fluent); French (elementary); Italian (elementary); Latin

Since 02.2015 – Assistant and Interpreter of Prof. Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi in German-Speaking Europe

Since 05.2002 – Ass. Professor at Landeshotelfachschule (University of Hotel and Tourism) in Merano, Italy

Since 01.2011 – Ass. Prof. at FOM-University of Economy and Business in Munich

01.2008-2012 – Ass. Prof. at HM – University of Applied Sciences, Munich

07.2001-2014 – Assistant and Research-Fellow of Prof. Dr. Chang Lin Zhang, Biophysics, Zhejiang University

Since 10.1996 – Founder and Coordinator of Professorenforum, a network of University-Professors to discuss
worldviews and religion and their relation to science, creating a platform which respectfully
tolerates conflicting opinions in their mutual quest for the truth.

06.1991-1994 – Research-Fellow and Assistant of Prof. Dr. Millendorfer (“The Human Dimension in the Industrial Society of the Future”)

Since 06.1991 – Public Representative of STUDIA (Society for International Analyses) founded by Prof. Dr. Johann Millendorfer, University of Vienna

07.1989-1996 – Coordinator of mentoring and leadership-training ministry to students with Agape-Europe

04.1984-1989 – National Director of Campus for Christus, Germany

10.1974-1984 – Teacher and Team leader in Campus for Christus, Germany (mentoring and leadership-training ministry to students)

05.1974 –  State-Exam for High-school Teacher in English and Physical Education at Justus Liebig University, Giessen

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