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America is facing a little problem:
The President says that the world’s freest, most educated, powerful, and resourceful media is “Fakenews.” That is, news reporters no longer bear witness to the truth. They spin stories to serve the interests of their paymasters.

The Press returns the compliment: the President is Post-truth. Meaning: don’t trust the President you elected. He is the figurehead of a culture that believes in manipulation, not Truth.

Enemies fighting culture-wars agree simultaneously with the President and the Press: “American leaders, press, and media moguls should not be trusted. They are products of an education that does not believe in Truth.”

Americans disagree on WHO is the bigger problem: Politicians or the Illegal Immigrants. They debate WHAT is a greater problem: Immigration or ever-increasing Debt, Economy or secular Education, Terrorism or Guns, China or North Korea, collapsing Family or increasing Immorality . . . but they agree that

The American eagle is in a free fall

 Federal Debt is over 22 trillion dollars. It is increasing every second. Leaders no longer know how to manage the nation’s revenue. Federal Government has over-promised $122 trillions for Social Security, Medicare etc. No one has any clue as to where this amount will come from. President George W Bush called Social Security a gigantic Ponzi scheme. He warned that it will sink the world’s largest economy. The problem was acknowledged forcefully, even though President Bush was powerless to do anything about it. His successors, Obama and Trump, have been wiser. They have closed their eyes to the Time Bomb ticking away at the heart of the nation. President Obama knew and Trump knows that they cannot defuse the bomb.

There are politicians with so much passion for the poor that they are willing to sink the nation. They want the world to lend $1 trillion more to teach American students NOT to keep their word and NOT to pay their debts. Some Wannabe Presidents want the nation to borrow more or tax more to offer free healthcare and education to every citizen and immigrant — legal or illegal.

Many voters applaud these proposals to drown the nation in debt and tax. Why?

They think that America’s untrustworthy professors and politicians may be smarter than their forefathers who actually built the world’s greatest economy.

American eagle is falling: where will it crash?


Possibilities are plenty:

— Uncle SAM has given to itself the power to print unlimited numbers of dollars. Printing can pay back every penny. After all, a dollar is just a piece of paper with a promise from a government that Americans elect but don’t trust!

— A future President can choose to default. He can blame the creditors for lending to his predecessors who were compulsive gamblers.

Would the world then stop lending?

Of course, it will!

Would that create some difficulties?

Well, strong leaders know how to deal with difficult people.

Between 1976-83, not even a generation ago, Argentine defaulted. Money stopped flowing in. Massive unemployment and protests followed. None of that bothered the government.

It just arrested the protestors. A few days later the prisoners were told to dance to loud music for they were being sent south to freedom. Exhausted prisoners were “vaccinated” for their journey into liberty. As soon as they became too drowsy to resist, they were stripped naked, dumped into trucks, loaded onto aircrafts, and thrown into the Atlantic ocean.

“May be! But American is different. It was built on ‘self-evident truths’ that all men are ‘endowed by their Creator with an inalienable right to life’

That is true. North and south Americas were built on different worldview foundations. Northern revolution was inspired by the Bible. The Southern revolutionaries such as Simon Bolivar were informed by the Enlightenment. Boliver carried three books on his military campaigns: Montesquie’s Spirit of the Laws, Adam Smith’s Wealth of the Nations, and Voltaire’s Essays on why England was doing better than France. The Bible was the International Border between North and South America. But does that matter now? The “truths” on which the USA was built have become toothless. They are assumed to be outdated “Bible stories.” Did God create Adam and Eve? Did Evolution command mosquitos to NOT kill human babies?

— A likely place for the Eagle’s crash is WW3. God’s children are Peacemakers. But the Devil also has his children in strategic places. Not too long ago they incited Uncle SAM to start unjust wars in the Middle East. Those powerful lobbies are eager to do it again: ‘Use your awesome military might to ignite a global war: Arms-industry needs to dump aging inventory; industrial sector needs a boost; Wall-Street needs new investors. A victorious war will allow you to restructure global economy. Didn’t WW2 bring America out of its greatest ever recession?’

— Yes, the American eagle is in a free-fall . . . but does it have to crash-land into the Devil’s snare? Isn’t there an option to cry out to the Loving Father? Can’t He bring the Eagle back into its nest?

America can return to its earlier ‘sanity’ and ‘morality.’ Its ‘inventiveness’ and ‘work-ethic’ have the ability to create enough wealth to repay debts and bless the world. Such a turn-around needs a spiritual Revival. It will be a new Great Awakening. It will reform America and heal our world.

Economists are forced to confront hard data sooner or later. Psychologists and Sociologists on the other hand have greater flexibility to ignore truth. PostTruth era requires them to be true only to their own theories (however false). Their current (relative) truth that they are nothing but animals, legitimizes sexual indiscipline. Suppression of true Truth has so darkened minds that America has turned its temples of learning into Red Light Districts.  Even Date-rapist is acquitted if he was drunk.

Where is America headed? It is going the way of Jeffery Epstein. He was a teacher who became multi-millionaire financier and sex-trafficker. A friend of Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump he had interests in high profile media ventures. He could afford to hire well-known Socialites to buy him sex-slaves including underage girls. Epstein was so rich and powerful that some Law Enforcement officers tried to save him and his playboy empire. Finally, just two weeks ago, on August 10, 2019. Epstein committed suicide inside a New York jail.

Was Epstein a “monster” or was he a courageous man who lived out the worldview American universities teach every single day? A woman, they insist, is nothing more than an animal. If an Epstein can buy a cow, keep her in a cage, and sell her when he likes, then why can’t he buy and sell other animals that are called “girls.” After all, no one (they say) is born a male or a female person. Gender is what old, ignorant, biblical culture imposed upon the world.

Educationists think that God does not know how to speak. They can write books but their poor Creator cannot possibly have His point of view written. Because God does not know how to write, could He have commanded our species to hold sex sacred. Why should a man love only his wife but not her daughter? The ever-increasing darkness of the American mind is making (broken) home sexually unsafest place for children. A (broken) home is where many children now learn how to destroy your family and become dependent on the state. That is, on a state which is itself dependent on international debt!

A supernatural reformation can yet save America from the corruption of its intellectuals and its Rome-like degeneration into animal sexuality.

This lecture is not meant to catalog America’s crises. The chief concern here is to assert that the White House and the Congress seem to be as clueless of the Way Out as the Judiciary and the University, Treasury and the Wall Street, Hollywood and the Press. American Church still has some prophets, but hardly anyone expects the church to radiate God’s light to the world.


For decades the loudest section of the Church has branded itself as the “Useless Body of Christ.” It teaches that Jesus is the Head of the Church, but He is incapable of using his Body to bring healing to the nations. He may have given up His plan to bless all nations. He may have adopted American individualism and limited His mission only to taking our souls to heaven.

In case He still wants to bless some apostate nations, God ought to have learnt not to rely on Abraham’s physical or spiritual descendants. He does come into believers’ hearts but that is a private experience. It doesn’t do any good to the public life of any nation. If God wants to change nations then He has to come and live in Jerusalem. He must kill the world’s corrupt leaders with the sword that comes out of His mouth. He must set up His throne in the third temple in Jerusalem . . . and then He may be able to establish his kingdom on earth. Our hearts are useless as His thrones. Our pulpits do sow His word . . . but His word is old stories. It hardly seems alive. It no longer grows into trees of life for the healing of the nations. Only God’s sword may cure the world of its corruption. The cross that we are called to carry can save souls but it cannot change nations.

We’ll discuss evangelical pessimism elsewhere. Here, let’s ask:

Why is the American Eagle Falling?

America’s triumph over Fascism in WW2 (1939-’45); its decision not to colonize defeated Germany and Japan, to establish the United Nations rather than United Empires (1941-“45) and the collapse of its atheist rival, Soviet Empire (1989-’91), confirmed that the United States of America was the world’s most powerful nation and moral leader.

What made America one of history’s greatest nations?

Late Michael Novak, a highly respected Roman Catholic scholar, delved deep into America’s founding and rapid success. One of his many influential books is: “On Two Wings: Humble Faith and Common Sense at the American Founding” (Encounter Books, San Francisco, 2002). Novak provides massive documentary evidence for his conclusion that the American eagle flew higher and faster than other civilizations because it flew on two wings: Protestant faith in the Bible and the Enlightenment’s faith in “Commonsense.”

A President places one hand on the Bible while taking Oath of Office because America’s core concepts of nationhood, freedom, leadership, individual dignity, human equality, inalienable rights, rule of law, marriage, family, education, science, work ethic, tolerance etc all come from the Bible.

The Founders owned slaves, but they thought that the Bible’s teaching that all men are created equal with a right to liberty needed no proof — theological or scientific. It was self-evident, commonsense.

The American eagle is in a free fall because both its wings, humble faith in the Bible and the Enlightenment’s Common sense, have now been clipped.

. . . Who clipped them?

. . . . . . . How?

. . . . . . . . . . Can America’s foundations be restored?

Clipping of America’s First Wing

 Sadly, the clipping of the Eagle’s first wing, America’s faith in God’s revelation, started on one of the greatest days in American history — July 4, 1776.

In the original draft of the “Declaration of Independence,” Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independant, that from that equal creation they derive right inherent & inalienable . . .”

Jefferson’s original draft recognized that “truths” of human equality and undeniable rights came from the “sacred” scriptures. George Whitfield, the great revivalist of the First Great Awakening taught the Bible to the 13 colonies. The Founders changed Whitfield/Jefferson’s understanding of “sacred truths” to “self-evident” truths in order to appease Enlightenment Rationalists.

The Rationalists were confused Christian. They believed that God created human beings, but they thought that “all men are created equal” was a Commonsense (not Revealed) truth.

Whitfield had died in 1770. The Revolutionary War had started in 1775. In the midst of a war, a compromise over language was understandable. Everyone who signed the Declaration was a genuine hero, including those who owned slaves but affirmed that slaves’ right to liberty. They were heroes because they signed their death sentence for everyone’s liberty. If caught or defeated, they knew they would hang for treason.

America’s philosophical tragedy was that after the war, for two centuries church leaders and theologians lacked the courage to challenge the Rationalist’s nonsense called “Commonsense.” Indian philosophers and sages were as brilliant as any American. It was self-evident to all of them that human beings were unequal. Inequality is self-evident truth. The philosophical problem is: Why are human beings born unequal?

We Indians invented philosophical theories of caste, karma, and reincarnation in order to explain self-evident inequality. No Greek philosopher saw human beings as equal. Plato thought that people were born into three distinct classes: Philosopher-kings, warriors and peasants/merchants.

A German monk, Martin Luther, discovered the doctrine of priesthood and kingship of all believers in the New Testament. Gradually the Church grasped that the Jewish Scripture, called “Genesis,” had taught that all human beings were created equal. Races did not evolve from apes mating indiscriminately across species. That would have made races genetically inferior and superior. Eve is the mother of all the living means that we are all brothers and sisters — by creation and also by redemption: All sinners are saved by the same blood that flows from Calvary.

Luther’s Reformation introduced the Bible’s doctrine of Equality into Western thought. It became the West’s fundamental intellectual-social revolution. Priesthood of all believers made education mandatory for all. If everyone is to serve God, every child must know God and learn to meditate on His word.

Likewise, the Bible’s doctrine of kingship of all believers led to ‘Popular Sovereignty.’ American Constitution summarized the doctrine in its opening words, “We the People.” The Governor of the universe wanted every child of his to be a ruler. Much after the Reformation, the Scottish Enlightenment renamed ‘Popular Sovereignty’ as “Democracy.”

The first disastrous result of the Founders’ philosophical error was the “Reign of Terror” that followed the failed French Revolution. America’s foolishness misled the French, South America and much of the world. Everyone believed that “Equality” and human rights may actually be “self-evident” truths, needing no revelation. Human Reason without divine revelation may be sufficient foundation to build Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.  Secular French Revolution began as a Reign of Terror and ended with Napoleon’s dictatorship and a long era of wars. Now even Americans know that by itself human reason is incapable of keeping two lovers together as one happy family.

In America, the overt attack on the Eagle’s first wing began with Thomas Paine’s book, “The Age of Reason.” It was published in three parts in 1794, 1795, and 1807. Its aim was to clip America’s first wing. It attacked God’s revelation, the Bible, as irrational/illogical.

Thomas Paine believed in God. The God Paine imagined created the universe and all life, but He was incapable of resurrecting a dead Lazarus. Miracles were impossible. Paine’s God created beings that speak but He could not reveal His own thoughts in human words, works, dreams, or visions. Paine’s deistic God was incapable of loving human beings enough to come to this earth to save them.

Thomas Paine thought that the “God” his rationalist arrogance had invented created physical light, but the God he invented could not possibly conquer the darkness of sin and death. God had to be eternal, but the Rationalist’s God could not give eternal life to His children.

American Rationalists who followed Paine were “Christian.” Christianity produced rational cultures for it taught that God was rational Word (Logos) and Reason was God’s special gift to humanity. In order to be godly, a person had to study and cultivate mind. That is why the European Church cultivated human reason in its monasteries and universities. Like many intelligent teenagers, the Enlightenment pursued knowledge without wisdom that comes from humility.

Intellectual hubris made Rationalists capture Christian universities and colleges that had been established by the party of humble faith — the Church. Puritans, for example, founded Harvard University in 1636. In 1805, the Rationalists won control of its governing body. Power over Christian universities allowed Rationalists to replace America’s humble faith with humanist arrogance. But something unexpected happened. America’s second wing, the confidence in the Enlightenment’s Reason, including Thomas Paine’s Commonsense, disappeared.


Because, American Commonsense was a Shadow

About fifteen years ago, I was in a secular home in America. Two daughters were debating their father:

“Marriage should be between a man and a woman” insisted the father, “this is Commonsense.”

“No!” Countered daughters, “Commonsense is that marriage should be between two lovers. What has gender got to do with marriage? If two men love each other, they should have the right to marry. That is Commonsense.”

“Commonsense” was the only source of authority father and daughters invoked. But it did not lead them to a common conclusion. It put them into opposite camps.

There exists no Platonic realm of Ideas (Forms), a reservoir of “Commonsense” from which all cultures can draw the same intellectual conclusions. That father did not know that his ‘Commonsense’ that marriage should be between a man and a woman was a shadow of the Bible’s revelation that God created man in His image, male and female, to be one flesh.

‘Commonsense’ was a philosophical myth invented in Scottish Enlightenment. Some Founders thought that Equality and Rights were “self-evident” because American Commonsense was a shadow of the Bible. The Eagle’s first wing, humble faith in the Bible, was the reality. Reality and its shadow do go together. Therefore, the American eagle did fly on those two wings. However, when the reality — the first wing — was clipped off, the shadow, traditional Commonsense, fell off on its own.

American eagle is in a free fall because it has lost both its wings.

Crashing America’s is not a fanciful imagery. America’s crash will be catastrophic for the whole world. The Bible’s doctrine of human equality came from German Reformation. When German theologians began to think that the Bible was stories, not God’s word. They lost the only available foundation for equality. Theory of Evolution became the philosophical foundation for the Fascist belief in Aryan supremacy.  The Fascist story cost millions and millions of lives. America’s melting pot cannot escape a similar fate. It’s foundation is gone. The castle has to collapse. Liberals see “guns” as the problem because they cannot accept that their evolutionary worldview breeds racism. A racist future, however, is America’s minor problem.

Rationalism, which clipped America’s first wing failed because it is intellectually bankrupt. It is incapable of proving its faith in reason. Worse, it cannot prove that you exist as a person, let alone as a male or a female person, endowed with  dignity and inalienable rights. Chapter 4, “Losing Self, Logic, and Language” in my book “This Book Changed Everything: The Bible’s Amazing Impact On Our World” explains why the Enlightenment’s faith in Reason failed so miserably.

Rene Descartes, the Father of the Age of Reason relied on logic to prove that he exists. He said: I can doubt that the world exists. I can doubt that God exists. But I cannot doubt that I, the doubter, exists. The statement, “I doubt that I exist” is false because it is self-contradictory/illogical. On the basis of this faith in logic Descartes concluded, “I think, therefore I (— the thinking subject, the person, the self, the soul —) am.” Philosophers such as David Hume quickly pointed out Descartes logical fallacy.

Imagine a man has gone through a few nasty divorces. Therefore, he hates women and decides to get a robotic sex doll as his new partner. She is beautiful. Even her talk is seductive. She has enough intelligence to beat him in a game of chess. She outthinks him . . .  but is she a person? What if his friends decide to “try her out”? Can she file a case that she was raped? Was her dignity violated? Does she have inalienable rights — inner ‘freedom’ to say “no” ?

What if you took out the “female” chip out of her “brain” and inserted a “male” chip. Beloved dolly would still have female organs but she would “think”, talk and act like a male. Would that make her a male person?

What if you inserted a “cat” chip in her “brain”? Would she become a “Catwoman” — an animal?

An atheist believes that the universe is uncaused. Either it has always existed or it came out of Big-Bang, out of nothing for no reason. If the universe can exist without a cause, why can’t thinking exist without a thinker? Descartes doubting proves that thinking exists, not that the thinker, the “self”, the permanent, spiritual entity, the “soul” exists. If God does not exist as a person, an infinite, eternal Spirit, how can you exist as a permanent soul? You can be nothing but an accidental collection of molecules with ever-changing chemical reactions. Bio-Intelligence may exist in your brain, but there can’t be a permanent you — a male or a female person, endowed with intrinsic dignity and rights.

This nihilistic worldview means that there is no person inside of you as there is no soul in a sex doll.  This secular worldview sees a baby as nothing but a blob of meat. If you can cut up a chicken and sell its body parts, why can’t a doctor cut up an unwanted baby and auction his body parts? The Nazis did that freely. American nihilists do cut up babies everyday. At this moment, however, they sell baby parts discreetly. They will sell American babies unabashedly when atheists have full control of the government, the judiciary and the press. Their “humanism” will then show itself to be nothing but animalism — beastly.

As a beast, Capitalist America could be incomparably worse than Nazi or Communist empires. At that time, no journalist will think of a Jeffery Epstein as a “monster.” Buying, keeping, and selling sex-slaves will be normal, logical.

Outside of the Bible, no worldview exists that sees every individual as a precious and permanent soul. A human person is precious because the Creator made him/her in His own image and likeness. Man has become a sinner . . . but God has not stopped loving His children. A human person is so precious that God incarnated to seek and to save His lost children. Jesus’ blood shed on the Cross defines a person’s worth. If God sent His Son to die for sinners, then governments must exist for man. They are given power to safeguard and serve the inalienable rights that the Creator has bestowed upon His children.

The Bible Can Reform America
American church has the capacity to disciple America. What it lacks is a theology and strategy for discipling the nation.

America became a great nation because the Church established the schools that educated every child to become a priest — God’s servant. The Church established early colleges and universities to train believers to be ‘kings’ — sovereign citizens — governing every sphere of society.  Over time the church abandoned its responsibility to educate/disciple the nation. Christians handed over to the Devil the authority to disciple their own children.  In our day, Homeschooling movement is correcting that historic error. For future our great need is to develop Homeschooling into Church College movement.

Every church ought to have an Academic Pastor (AP). He or she would be Youth Pastor Version 2.0. The Academic Pastor would be a Homeschooling parent who has been credentialed to serve as a Church-College parent, in partnership with a Christian university.

Students will enroll in Christian universities but will attend online classes in the local church. They will study in small cohorts under Academic Pastors. Online Curricula will be created by the world’s best experts. Students will watch professors on their laptops or on big screens. They will have the power to stop, rewind and replay a professor. A lesson may be taught by several experts, rather than by a single professor. Such team-teaching on line would be much better than a lecture given by a single professor however good. For the lecture will be scripted by expert scriptwriters. It will be peer-reviewed by subject-matter-experts. It will be filmed, illustrated, and edited by professional videographers.

A student will pay as little as 10K per year for undergraduate studies. He will not need to pay for swimming pools, saunas, security, gardeners and maintenance of a university campus. Yet universities will earn much more. For, instead of enrolling 5,000 students, each Christian university will educate 500,000 students in partnership with local churches.

For practicals, students will go to school and college labs in local communities. They will go physically to a university campus for a few weeks in a year when they have to interact with professors in specialized labs.

Academic Pastors will organize webinars and face2face seminars, using available experts. Vocational training will be organized through internship programs with successful businesses.

Students who want to live outside of their parents’ home, can be encouraged to live with likeminded students as paying guests in the homes of Church elders and deacons. Through such trained coaches they will learn life-skills such as budgeting, shopping, cooking, serving, gardening, dancing and dating opposite sex with respect and responsibility. Today, the important skills to learn are how to build a stable family which practices repentance and forgiveness and manages the balance between individual liberty with submission to authority.

Imagine 100,000 churches hiring an Academic Pastor each to mentor 15 students who pay $10,000 per year. That will bring 1.5 million students into the church every single day. In Year 2, the American church will be training 3 million students. In a four-year undergraduate program the church would mentor 4-6 million students everyday. They will fall in love and marry within the context of the church culture.

Technology and manpower is already available to begin this discipleship/education revolution. In January of 2019, the top leadership of thirty thousand churches in Uganda resolved to start training Academic Pastors in February 2020 and to launch the full-scale education revolution by 2022. A lady professor who is working with me to develop the online curriculum for BA in Applied Theology was here in Trinity on the first Sunday of July, less than two months ago.

Our Church has been studying the Gospel of Mark. God’s Kingdom begins as a tiny seed. Every seed has the potential to become a forest.

God has blessed Trinity with leadership that has the capacity to begin such a biblical education revolution that could reform America.

America’s reformation can begin with a dozen or two Homeschooling parents/Youth Pastors who will take the time to get an accredited degree that qualifies them to become Church-College parents.

Is this necessary?

Two years before Wall Street crashed, Derek Bok, Harvard University’s President published a book “Our Underachieving Colleges.” He knows that American colleges impart great information and teach outstanding skills. But he lamented that colleges are not fulfilling their mission statements. They claim that they exist to train good citizens, not just good workers for the economy. However, this civilizational mission to produce good people has disappeared from college classrooms, dorms, and campuses.

In 2008, in the year of the Wall Street crash, Stanely Fish, a Distinguished Professor of Law and highly respected Postmodern intellectual, responded to President Bok with his book “Save the World in Your Own Time.” Stanely Fish had served as the Dean of the Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His book is addressed to professors. Summarizing the general position of secular universities, Fish says that universities hire a teacher to teach a special subject such as Chemistry. The Chemistry professor never has enough time to keep up with all the research that is going on in his field. A Chemist is not trained to be an Ethicist. Therefore, a Chemistry professor must stick to teaching his subject. If a professor wants to teach ethics and character, he/she must do it on his own time, not at university’s expense. State universities do not exist to teach spiritual matters such as truth and character.

Late Dallas Willard, who taught philosophy at the University of California in Los Angeles also responded to President Bok. He agreed that American education is no longer teaching Veritas (truth) and Virtue (character). But he pointed out that the problem is much deeper than President Bok acknowledged. Prof Willard said that President Bok would have understood the problem if he got out of the President’s chamber in Harvard and walked down the long corridor to the teachers lounge. Over a cup of coffee President Bok should have chatted with his professors. In no time he would have learnt that the difficulty is not that his University is not teaching ethics. The problem is that his university has no clue, “NONE WHATSOEVER” as to what is good and moral. Secularism has destroyed the philosophical foundation for knowing the distinction between good and evil. Therefore American universities can no longer do what they were created to do by the Church.

A number of studies have confirmed Professor Willard’s point. Wall Street’s crash was a consequence of the intellectual crash of Harvard University. Charles Ferguson’s award winning 2010 documentary, “Inside Job” is a good place to see the connecting line from Harvard to US Treasury and Wall Street.

If you do not like watching documentaries, I recommend Oliver Stone/Michael Douglas movies Wall Street and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. As you watch the sequel, please pay close attention to the background noise about evolution, Cambrian Explosion, Creative Destruction etc. At first that noise appears irritating, unrelated to the storyline. If you are attentive, you will begin to realize the global consequences of American education clipping off the first wing of the American eagle — humble faith in God’s word.

God’s word says that the Church was created to be “the pillar and foundation of the truth.” (1 Timothy 3:15). Lamenting that American universities are teaching immorality is not good enough. The Church is under divine obligation to take responsibility for the nations. A simple place to start is to learn from homeschooling moms and dads. American church has the capacity to disciple the nation. It needs to get on its knees and repent for disobedience and then rise up to educate the nation from Monday to Friday.

How Do We Start?
I recommend that you visit and invite Rev. Dr David Glesne or Dr. David McDonald to visit your Church. Request your local radio host to interview them. Then let’s organize and event in early 2020 to start the proposed education-revolution.

Vishal Mangalwadi

Author of

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The Bible’s Amazing Impact On Our World


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