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Much has happened during the last several months in India, including publications of two books. However, the long term greater outcome may well result from a meeting among Christian leaders in Delhi – The Delhi Consultation about which,  I’m reporting below.
But first, an update on my travel itinerary for the coming months:
Feb 18-19:
Frankfurt, Germany – to launch  the German edition of my latest book, The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Modern World
Feb 20-4 March:
Canada – to speak in Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada in various cities discussing of the Bible can renew the soul of Western Civilization.
March 5 -11:
Family time in Fresno, CA
March  12:
Colorado Springs, Summit Ministry
March 13:
Controversies in Missions Conference at BIOLA University campus. I will speak on: How Premillennialism Harmed Missions
March 15:
Return to  India.
The Delhi Consultation – a report
On Saturday, Feb. 14, 41 Christian and community leaders met at the Indian Social Institute in New Delhi to discuss the following draft action plan to develop godly leaders to make India a great nation. Smaller consultations continued with an IAS Officer on Feb. 15 and with a core group on Feb. 16.
Tentatively, it was agreed to begin a two pronged strategy:

  1. Equip churches and church planters to help poor students learn English, using web-based audio and video curriculum that uses the Bible as the basic text. Evangelists and pastors should be enabled to become preachers and teachers, because God wants all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:1-7).
    A Delhi-based team of professional language teachers has agreed (in principle) to create sample lessons in partnership with an IT company, located in Pune.
  2. Consider organizing a two-day event in Hyderabad at the end of June 2015 to bring together (a) Christian leaders to endorse a refined version of the following draft, (b) writers, artists, and technical teams to create the curricula to enable Sunday Schools, Christian Schools, Colleges, and Seminaries, to begin recruiting and mentoring potential leaders.

Subject to his team’s approval, Brother Nethaji Rajendran (Raj) will serve as the point person for the movement until the end of June, 2015. A team seven advisers, including two Senior Civil Servants, will guide and support Raj and Rahul.
Dr. Ashish Alexander is praying about coordinating the June meeting of a curriculum committee team, and another senior leader has agreed to pray about serving as the public face of the movement, at least until the end of June.
For your review, here are notes from the proposal I submitted to the Delhi Consultation:
Developing Godly Leadership
To Make India a Great Nation
“I will make thee a great nation” (Genesis 12:1-2)
“… and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him”(Gen: 18:18)
“Leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations” (Revelation 22:2)
“Ask of me and I will make the Nations your heritage (Psalm2: 8)
“Go . . . disciple all nations” (Matthew 28:18)

  • The Bible made India a nation and introduced nationalism as a virtue
  • Biblical worldview created institutions such as university, civil services, democracy, judiciary, free-market economy, professional military, free press
  • Biblical spirituality/discipleship is required to run these institutions with equity, efficiency, and compassion to make India a great nation
  • The Lord Jesus trained his disciples to transform the world into a kingdom where God’s will is done
  • For historical, sociological, and theological/missiological reasons, the Indian Church, its educational institutions (including seminaries), and disciple-making para-church groups have abandoned the mission to equip (disciple) individuals who can run the institutions that can make India a good, godly and great nation.
  • A national movement is needed to get Indian Christianity back on the tracks that it laid.

The Proposal

  1. Recruit future leaders for every sphere of society from class VIII all the way to college, paying special attention to the poor, who do not have access to English Medium Schools.
  2. Organize the students into:
    (a) National online community
    (b) City-wide monthly fellowships
    (c) Local Clubs including Sunday School Classes, Leadership Clubs in Christian schools, Servant-Leaders Clubs in Seminaries and Colleges, and Civil Servant’s Mentoring Groups in local churches and universities
  3. Train Sunday School teachers, school and college mentors to run discipleship-as-leadership classes
  4. Create and distribute Curricula (online and printed) suitable to turn disciples into leaders for churches, high schools, colleges, seminaries and Trainees for Civil Services
  5. Run affordable mentorship classes for  civil service trainees using web-based curriculum

Action Steps

  1. Build an Advisory Panel that will meet twice a year
  2. Appoint Steering Committee to meet 4 times a year
  3. Anoint an interim visionary leader to:
    -Mobilize prayer
    -Build a network across churches, para church groups, and educational institutions, including  human and financial resources –
    -Build teams of staff and volunteers
    -Build organizational capacity
    -Mobilize finances
  4. Find an Organizer/Administrator to:
    -Begin prototype models
    -Organize a national consultation
    -Organize an interim office
  5. Appoint a Curriculum Coordinator to:
    -Develop curriculum writers’ community – including artists
    -Produce and procure sample resources
  6. Recruit an IT Team to:
    -Develop a website
    -Build an online community of mentors and trainees

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