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A Feature Film Depicting the Rise and Decline of the West

The film, Titanic, was a major motion picture and an epic story, but the rise and fall of the West is a far more compelling and timely story. It is timely especially because In 2017, the world will celebrate (or ridicule) the 500th anniversary of the birth of the modern world.

It was on October 31, 1517, that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the castle church of Wittenberg. That event began a movement that would establish the Bible as the most important book of the second millennium AD. As startling, what were once protestant nations in the West are now rapidly sinking into the abyss of darkness because they have rejected the Bible!

In response, Revelation Movement is turning its perspective of Western history into a major feature film – the story of the rise and decline of the West. A script is now being developed to meet popular standards, acceptable to Hollywood studios.

A Documentary Series on the Bible – The Book that Created the Modern World.

In addition to the feature film, Revelation Movement is undertaking to produce a documentary TV series on how the Bible built the modern world. The series will entertain, educate, and inspire future generations to build their lives and nations upon the rock – the Word of God.

This for-television broadcast series will be used as part of  the education curriculum Revelation Movement is producing for High School and first year college students, under the Discipling the Nations Initiative.

To learn more, visit the partner Initiative page, Discipling the Nations.

Financial support for this Initiative is needed to hire professionals with the experienced required to help shape and produce these important projects.