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Before Ruth and I embarked on the Nordic Tour (Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Finland: April 18-May 16, 2024), my perspective was colored by the pro-English Netflix series, “The Last Kingdom.” It portrays the bloody conflicts between barbaric Vikings and semi-Christian kingdoms of England. For that reason, many of my lectures and debates raised the question: How did the Nordic nations become so peaceful, just, free, productive, progressive and least corrupt nations?

My answer is that the Bible is the force that civilized pagan Europe. You can watch some of this discussion in the following four videos already posted here: Click here to watch

  • Public discussion with acclaimed historian, Dr. David Gress, the author of FROM PLATO TO NATO (Simon & Schuster, 1998). Dr. Gress grew up a nominal Roman Catholic. He is called “The Demolition Man” because his book demolished the secular myth that Greece, Rome and European Enlightenment civilized Europe.
  • A debate with a fire-brand, atheist Member of Parliament and former Minister, Eva Biaduet.
  • Another debate with an Ethnologist, Professor Laura Stark.
  • A lecture on Arts, Bible and Culture in Finland’s newest and best music studio.

(Other lectures will also be posted as local organizers make them available)

The following factors made it much more than a lecture-debate tour:

  • “The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization” was released in Norwegian.
  • “This Book Changed Everything: The Bible’s Amazing Impact on our World” was published in Swedish, Danish and Finnish. These books are seeds of truth that will grow and bear transforming fruit.
  • Several new and potentially influential members were added to fellowship. It was a blessing to have Ulrich Schneeweiss spend the whole month traveling with us. He leads the global network of national and regional Truth and Transformation groups.
  • International Forum For Professors and Scholars (IFPS) has begun to take shape. It is more than likely that they will rewrite Nordic history, publish books and make documentaries. The IFPS will play an important role in creating content for the new online Encyclopedia being launched by the Third Education Revolution.

Thank you for your prayers and praise God for the fruit already visible.

With gratitude,

Vishal & Ruth Mangalwadi

PS – Our picture is with Dr. & Mrs. David Gress

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