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Coronavirus has changed our world.

Some see it as a sign of ‘The End’ of history.

Others, who want to change history by discipling nations, seek to understand what God is saying to us. What are some of the implications Covid-19 — spiritual, philosophical, scientific, medical, economic, political, journalistic, educational, national and international.

A few of us meet on line on Tuesdays to receive God’s wisdom from experts and each other:

Federal US debt is already $24 trillions. What would additional, unplanned debt of $6-8 trillion do to global economy?
Who is demanding that China pay a penalty of $6 trillions? Is it a war trumpet? An attempt to re-write global economic order?
Has Covid-19 opened up the pandora box of biological warfare, ushering in an era of national distancing?
How shall we harmonize the need for strong, caring, cautious, responsible governments with necessary religious and individual liberties?
Classroom walls stand demolished. Coronavirus has forced the world to invest in online education. Is it better for students to sit alone in front of their laptops . . . or should they gather in local churches to study for their degrees under moral-intellectual supervision of Academic Pastors?

Rev. Dr. David Glesne was a senior pastor of a two-campus church in Minnesota. In 2015 he stepped down from that position to become an Academic Pastor. With help from a farsighted and wise board, he has developed Virtues Campus that can serve as a credible model for other churches. In the following 8 points, Rev Glesne sums up the amazing opportunity to disciple nations opened up by Covid-19:

Why is the Coronavirus Pandemic a Kairos Moment for the Local Church?
A Kairos moment is that short window of time when the brass ring
passes by and one has only a moment to grab hold.

  1. Because things are different now. In the last two months, elementary school to university and college walls have crumbled and distance learning has become an experiential reality for 450 million students worldwide, resulting in a more familiar and accepted means of education.
  2. Because the local church campus can open its doors and provide a hybrid university education – accredited online courses and face-to-face classes and mentoring – which is superior to online learning only.
  3. Because in the midst of health concerns and/or the uncertain status of residential universities opening for on campus classes this fall, a hybrid Virtues Campus university education at a local church can assure a student of not falling behind in pursuit of a college career.
  4. Because fundamental human rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are under attack. Christians in America are being singled out for retribution for attending drive in worship services and assembling together even in small numbers. If biblical truth, the well-spring of our religious and civil freedoms in the West, is not taught to the next generation, those freedoms will continue to erode away little by little.
  5. Because quarantine and social isolation offers church leaders and parents the chance to pause and rethink the way we educate our young people. It is a chance to reimagine ways we might enhance learning as we ask fundamental questions: “What is the purpose of education? How important for our young people is an education within a biblical worldview? What is the reason for all these years of study? And why are so many students coming up short?”
  6. Because things may never be the same again. As high school seniors imagine watching lectures by professors on a computer, studying assignments in textbooks and taking exams, they may wonder why they would pay mega-bucks to go to a brick-and-mortar university when they could earn a degree online for a fraction of the cost! Yes, colleges do offer additional benefits, but at what cost?
  7. Because forced to taste the homeschooling experience, parents may be finding out that children who never liked school are now thriving under the tutelage of parents. A Virtues college experience with a cohort of 15-20 fellow students under the personal guidance and mentorship of an Academic Pastor suddenly is appealing!
  8. Because sheltering at home affords time to rethink education and undertake an approach to learning that prepares young people in our churches to pursue a college education that focuses on knowledge and skills integrated with character and virtue.

In order to schedule a video/phone conference with Dr. David Glesne please contact Michael Austin <michael@austinpr.com>.
For the latest information on 21st century education revolution please click here. The link will redirect you to www.RevelationMovement.com that co-hosted an international consultation on education in South Korea, just when Coronavirus hit the world (from February 18-22, 2020).

Thank you for opening your heart to hear what the Father is saying to His children

Vishal Mangalwadi

Vishal Mangalwadi
Author, This Book Changed Everything: the Bible’s Amazing Impact on Our World
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