How to Save America – Part III - Revelation Movement

Raise a New Generation of Nation-Builders
Imagine . . .
100,000 churches in America
Invite students to come to Church, Monday to Friday, for 2-4 Years,
To get an Accredited, Online A.A. or B.A. in Nation-Building
At 1/3 the Cost of a Private College
What if students were able to receive A.A. (Associate of Arts) or B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Nation-Building through a unique program designed to equip them to think critically about their culture, seek truth, and walk with God as they discover their calling and develop their potential to become servant-leaders in their professions and communities?
What if this curriculum were developed by specialists with help from some of the world’s leading thinkers who understand how ideas transform individuals and societies?
What if this curriculum were offered largely online and administered by accredited colleges and universities qualifying students to get into technical schools or postgraduate studies almost anywhere in the world.
What if local churches served as extension centers for universities, bringing students under the guidance of Academic Pastors and visiting experts? What if they became intentional about developing students’ minds and leadership skills as well as their character and compassion?
What if this high-quality degree program were offered for a third of the cost of traditional university degrees, opening the door of college education to multitudes of students who otherwise might be deprived of the opportunity to become the best that they could be?
What if every college student was required not only to study, but to serve the broken and needy in his or her community under the supervision of a local church?
What if the program encouraged and enabled students to go as student missionaries to another continent for one or more semesters.
What would be the long-term impact of such a program on the lives of students, host churches, communities, and the nation? How would America be changed as a new generation of nation-builders begins to exert influence in every sphere of society?
Half of America is Protestant, yet the Supreme Court does not have a single Protestant Judge– let alone an evangelical!  Why? Because Pessimistic, Premillinial Dispensationalism decided that we were living in the age of Grace and Spirit, not law. Therefore, evangelical colleges did not even have law faculties during most of the 20th century. Evangelical missiology was not interested in saving America.
At present over 100 Christian colleges are discipling a total of 200,000 students per year. This program would enable American Church to disciple 4.5 million students per year [100,000 churches, enrolling 15 students each for (2 or) 4 years means 100,000 x 15 x 3 = 4,500,000)
content_What_would_it_takeWhat would it take to make this dream a reality?
To see America renewed as new generations of students become servant leaders with a commitment to see God’s will done in their lives as well as on earth.

  • Organize weekly Transform America Study Groups (TASG) throughout America to pray, study, and prepare to take responsibility to develop an academic center in their local church
  • Supply study resources to these TASG
  • Run a weekend conference in every city that has two or more churches that wish to participate
  • Build a team of experienced teachers and curriculum writers who will partner with nation-builders to develop a unique curriculum that prepares college students to serve as leaders in their professions and communities
  • Make this curriculum available to existing Christian colleges and universities who will offer and administer the program online through local churches
  • Encourage local churches to serve as extension centers for universities providing a dynamic classroom experience to students under Academic Pastors trained by a university and approved by the local church
  • Equip Academic Pastors to mentor students, facilitate learning and practice, and serve as the link between the students and the participating universities, local churches, private labs, industries, factories, hospitals, studios, media, gyms, sports clubs and community development projects
  • Enable churches to equip deacons to become redemptive hosts to those students who come from broken, dysfunctional or distant homes


  • The Lord has commanded the church to disciple all nations. In order to obey His command, the church founded and sustained institutions of higher education in Europe and America. This made the church a uniquely culture-shaping force, creating relatively just, free, tolerant and prosperous societies.
  • During the 20th century the American church handed over to the world its obligation to disciple future generations. Therefore, the world has been discipling Christian youth and turning them away from the very notion of truth (let alone the One, who is the Truth) and righteousness.
  • College education is not merely corrupting America: Student Loans are becoming the next “subprime mortgage” that will help sink the American economy. The church and Christian colleges have to come together to create an affordable model of college education.
  • Secularization is destroying every institution that helped create a great America. Christian education has to rebuild those institutions. For example, a young person who grows up in a broken or dysfunctional home has little reason to defend “traditional” family. No co-ed dorm is likely to heal a student’s emotional-intellectual wounds. His/her best option is to be able to live in a Christian home, which is a part of a Church community. The student needs to see fallen Christians seek and find grace in their daily struggles.
  • Secular Individualism has made “Public” Education merely a means of private ambition. In order to recover training in good citizenship, Christian education has to train servant-leaders to build community and teach stewardship of the earth.

Young people will be equipped to take up responsible roles in their preferred vocations with a view to reforming and building their nation, starting with their families, churches and communities, and ultimately influencing every sphere of society in ways that are consistent with godly character, wisdom, and a biblical worldview. They will then go out to bless all the nations of the earth.
content_Local_churchesLocal churches will become primary centers for learning and cultural development where students as well as communities discover transforming truth. As such, the church will regain its God-ordained role as God’s agent in the advancement of His Kingdom.
Higher education will be impacted as increasing numbers of students opt out of conventional universities in favor of this program. There are three principal incentives for this decision. First, the program will offer a quality education specifically designed to prepare young people to be nation-builders—to follow Christ in every area of life and society. Second, rather than taking up residence in a university environment marked by hedonism and moral decadence, students will learn in the context of their host families and local churches where character development and principles of biblical self-government will be prioritized. Third, because the degree program will be administered online, tuition fees will be significantly less than those of most conventional residential universities, thus opening the door of access for many not otherwise able to afford a college degree.  Students will come to the participating university campuses for short periods for specific training that cannot be imparted on line or in their local environment.
The Nation will be positively impacted as a new generation of Christ-like, courageous, self-governing and self-giving leadership, armed and equipped with secular knowledge and biblical principles for nation-building, assumes responsibility in every area of society.
Project Development
Phase 1 – Build a Grassroots Movement
Create a virtual community on that will mobilize prayer and pledge financial support to sustain a core team devoted to revolutionizing American education.
Generate a grassroots movement by establishing Transform America Study Groups (TASGs) and supplying resources for their weekly meetings.
Identify competent advisors and stakeholders in several areas, including:  denominational and local churches, higher education, and donors/investors. Solicit their input and involvement.
Refine plan and prepare for Phase 2 by beginning work on the curriculum, identifying and preparing selected churches, colleges and universities that will train Academic Pastors and administer the program.
Prepare a manual for Academic Pastors
Prepare a long-range plan (though 2030).
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Why work with local churches?
A: The Church’s Founder commissioned her to “Go . . . and make disciples of all nations . . . teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”  Since teaching is central to making disciples, education is an inescapable part of the church’s mandate. In the West, education (religious as well as secular) was once exclusively the church’s domain. Martin Luther – a university professor as well as religious and social reformer) urged Christian nobility and merchants to help educate the masses because he felt that his contemporary church (by itself) could not fulfill the divine mandate to educate all. Unfortunately, now public education has become the domain of the state, and secular pluralism has made it impossible for public education to remain faithful to what is true, beautiful, good and noble. Many Christian colleges are doing a good job; however, they are capital intensive and, therefore, few in number. By themselves they cannot disciple the vast majority of American youth. However, by partnering with local churches, Christian colleges can multiply their effort. Whether we like it or not, online education will replace much of traditional education with or without the Church’s intervention.  Yet, online education leaves out the encouragement and group dynamics of classroom education that enable students to learn from each other and experts. A classroom also enables students to cultivate relationships and networks that are helpful for discovering, sharpening and using their gifts and talents. This proposal enables the church to get back into its mission to teach without having to become a college or hiring professors. The church’s participation as envisioned in this strategy will once again make character formation and training in life skills and good citizenship integral aspects of education while retaining the intellectual freedom of the university to innovate and explore ideas that may be unconventional but are true and good.
content_Q_-_Why_work_with_existing_universitiesQ: Why work with existing universities?
A: A heart surgeon cannot improve his ability to treat heart patients if he/she remains isolated in his/her clinic and church. In order to improve his ability to serve his patients, he/she needs to interact with a wide variety of specialists: theoreticians as well as practitioners, physicians as well as physicists, chemists, inventors, nurses, counselors, psychologists and investors. So also, the university brings together a wide variety of experts and trainees, providing them resources and leisure necessary to think, experiment, innovate, and teach what they have learned. Therefore, the education revolution proposed in this paper seeks to strengthen, not weaken the university. Students will enroll in existing universities, and churches will strengthen universities as they serve students and communities. However, there is no need for a university professor to repeat the same lecture year after year. Online education will allow a teacher to record his lecture for students to use repeatedly at their own convenience. Professors will help students online to understand what they have already recorded. University teachers will conduct webinars and travel occasionally to lecture to students in church-classrooms. While the independence and intellectual authority of the university needs preserving, we have to recognize that it is an institution run by fallen human beings who are vulnerable to intellectual elitism and moral corruption. Therefore, the university needs to remain under the moral and cultural authority of the Word of God and its outcome submitted to society’s good.
Christian universities will need to equip Academic Pastors envisioned in this proposal.
Q: Why develop a new curriculum?
A: A Christian professor may be devout, but that does not guarantee that he/she has taken the time to relate his discipline to the biblical worldview. Our passion is to ground all truth in God’s Word because without divine revelation human reason cannot know truth.
Many Christian professors have brought their disciplines under the Word of God. But that by itself does not mean that they can relate their discipline to nation-building. The ivory-tower nature of the university tends to separate the life of the mind from real-life struggles of ordinary people. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a curriculum that allows academic experts to filter their disciplines through the lenses of biblical worldview thinkers and experienced nation-builders.
Q: Why an online program?
A: Contemporary technology makes it possible to make the best curriculum available to every student at a much lower cost than the tuition in average private college.
An online program make it unnecessary for professors to repeat the same lecture every year, thus creating extra leisure for university professors (a) to pursue their own intellectual growth (b) train associates who can serve students, and (c) to find time to help individual students learn better and more.
Online program makes it possible for families, communities and the local church to educate their youth, with the help of universities, without abandoning them to a high-cost academic world hostile to faith and godliness.
Q: Are there other similar curricula or programs that already exist?
A: Churches such as the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis have made promising beginnings with church-based degree programs. And several Christian universities have begun to develop online programs. The model presented in this proposal fuses the two models by injecting church-based class-room between the individual student and the university.
Q: How would an online course teach math, music, practical science, or languages?
A: Much of the theory can be taught online. In the afternoons, students will be able to have tutors and coaches for music, math, science or languages. For science experiments, several church based extension centers could join hands to encourage the establishment of private science labs. These can be in factories, hospitals or even in private commercial centers, run by retired scientists or professors. Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis is contracting the science labs of existing colleges for the use of their students.
Q: Can an online course prepare students for technical education such as engineering or medicine?
A: Since the curriculum includes studying and practicing servant-leadership, each student will become older brother/sister to younger children from needy families. Together with their class and the local church (or church-approved community projects) students will have opportunity to research, plan, implement and observe practical community service and development projects.  A student interested in nursing or medicine will be able to work with a clinic for credits; a student interested in engineering will be able to volunteer with an appropriate project in the community and earn credits. During their four year program, students will be able to take one or two semesters to live in a participating college campus to prepare themselves for advanced technical studies (e.g. medicine, engineering, communication etc.). In other words, a student does not need to live in a college for four years to study pre-med. He can go there for six months for a focused, intensive course taught by specialists.
Q: Won’t this program isolate Christians from the real world?
A: This program seeks to equip students to change their world. Therefore, it will require them to study influential books (sometimes called “Great” books), films, personalities, ideologies, worldviews and movements. Church-based extension centers will be encouraged to invite unchurched students to enroll and unbelieving experts to interact with our students. Every student will be required to develop in-depth, ongoing relationship with younger students and their families, preferably from non-Christian homes and communities. Students will be helped to spend a whole semester in another continent in a similar program.
How You Can Participate:
Join and start interacting with like-minded people
Contribute tax-deductible $20 or more per month
Ask your church to donate $50 or more per month
Start a Transform America Study Group (TASG) in your church or home
Organize a mini-conference in your church
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