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a sub-continent with a long and diverse history, is home to many religious traditions.

In 1757, when the British East India Company became Bengal’s dominant power, geographic India was divided into about a thousand kingdoms, but not one Indian had the vision or ability to unite them into a single nation-state. It took the British exactly one-hundred years to form the nation, which became modern India.

Leading India’s Christian Literary Renaissance

Revelation Movement has organized a series of retreats and training seminars to encourage Indian writers. Several books and India’s first fully bilingual magazine, FORWARD Press, have been produced, as a result.

FORWARD Press, in print continuously for five years, is an independent publication under the leadership of Ivan and Silvia Kostka and is supported by individuals serving as volunteer writers, editors, and translators.

Currently, Revelation Movement is preparing the following books for publication:

  • Making India A Great Nation
  • Wisdom and Folly From India

Celebrating Two Centuries of Modern Education (1813-2013)

Revelation Movement has initiated a Indian film project to document the Bible’s role in helping to create modern India, through missionary education.

A series of public screenings of the documentary is being planned in major cities across India, a nation that is familiar with the film medium. At these events, local church leaders will introduce the vision and undertake equipping neighborhood churches to become sustainable centers, able to offer high quality education, online.

Supporting 500 church-based education centers in North India

Revelation Movement is supporting this effort, begun by Indian Christians, to equip 500 new churches to serve as education centers. The first curriculum planned for these church-based schools will teach English online, using the Bible as the primary text. The effort is intended to be a prototype that can be replicated around the world.

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