Obama & Vishal Mangalwadi Celebrate India's Republic Day - Revelation Movement

President Obama was India’s Guest of Honor to celebrate the Constitution that we adopted on 26 January 1950.
I was invited to hoist India’s tricolor flag in a Home for homeless girls. In the afternoon I spoke to a group of evangelical students and graduates.
Obama at Hyderabad HouseUpbeat and enthusiastic, President Obama praised “the world’s largest democracy,” where elections are still fair and citizens are free to replace corrupt governments (with even more corrupt rulers).
He instilled optimism in our youth, noting that the majority in India are under the age of 35.
It is likely that no one told him that according to a recent survey of 11 cities, 50% youth prefer military dictatorship to constitutional democracy. See NDTV article – Young India Says ‘Yes’ to Military Rule, ‘No’ to Inter-Religious Mingling
President Obama’s praise for the success of our Constitution suggested that he was not briefed about the fact that the ideologues behind his host want to change the Constitution and the biblical idea of “constitutionalism” itself. The world might begin to hear of it after the state elections in Bihar and UP, especially if Prime Minister Modi’s party wins the two states and, therefore, the Rajya Sabha – the Upper House of Indian Parliament.
The President correctly emphasized India’s need to treat the girl-child on par with boys. I was invited to the girls’ HOME partly because I had sent a young woman to this home. Her husband’s family beat her up so badly that she had a miscarriage. She ran away to kill herself but fell on the roadside bleeding. A kind Muslim family picked her up and took her to their home 600 Kms away.
The in-laws told the father that the girl had run away. Desperate to hear her voice, he came asking me to pray for her. She called after she had recovered a bit. The parents live with her grandparents and the grandfather refused to let her come to his home. She is supposed to live with her in-laws!
Thirty or so homeless girls in this HOME gave such authentic performances (intellectually, emotionally, and artistically) that Michelle Obama would have cried. I told them of Ruth’s heroic and unsuccessful 3-month long struggle to save 18-months Sheela. The sad narrative of her own parents killing her is recounted in my book, “The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization.” (Thomas Nelson, 2011). The girls, receiving quality education, heard me with rapt attention. They are the victims of that same culture. Therefore, their resolve to change India was deepened.
A maverick Catholic nun runs the HOME. She is a highly respected lawyer in High Court. No one from the city’s Catholic hierarchy attended the function. The Bishop has asked the nun to move her 30 homeless girls out the house owned by the church.
Some Church leaders want it to be old-people’s home.
(My guess) Retired adults give their pensions and savings to the Home: abandoned girls have nothing to give! They cost – though much of their support comes from non-Christians who revere the lawyer-nun who is investing her life to shape India’s future.
As they get ready to become homeless again, the girls and the nun are trusting the living God to be their refuge.
Some of the people that invited President Obama to celebrate our Constitutional democracy may have given up on multi-party democracy — they may be waiting for the opportunity to usher in China-style one party (one man) rule.
But my time with the local unit of the Union of Evangelical Students of India (UESI) was delightful, empirical evidence that democracy can work in India.
In my assessment the UESI (Indian IVF) is the largest pan-India democratic forum. India has 900+ registered parties and none of them is democratic. As current elections in Delhi suggest, Prime Minister Modi is aggressively dismantling the power structures within his party that can hold him accountable.
During the last sixty years, the UESI has grown to be a solid tree, planted by the waters of God’s word. While the BJP’s Delhi crowd was enduring President Obama’s welcome rhetoric about religious tolerance, about 100 of us were considering how this tree (UESI) can bear leaves for the healing of our nation.
The Lord is doing wonderful things in our city. Here are snapshots from last Sunday:

A 20+ years old tall and handsome Ajay Tiwari stood by his mother as she thanked the Lord Jesus for breaking his iron chains. She held the chain in her hands with which the family had bound him for ten years. Gurus, gods, and medicines could not drive out his demons. Her mother’s heart pained to see her boy tied day after day, year after year as he became more and more aggressive. Finally, her heart overcame her religious prejudices.
In her helplessness she turned to Jesus. He delivered the boy and restored his sanity. The mother left the chains beneath the Alter as the boy chanted “Jai Yeshu” (Hail Jesus.) She was one of about 30 people who testified to warm-up the audience on a chilly Sunday morning . . .

After the service about 150 people wanted to be prayed over. So Rev. David Philips asked me to lay hands on some of them and pray. The last two were elderly women.
“What’s your problem” I asked them.
“We don’t have a problem,” they said. “We came here to testify, but the cold and the fog delayed us. The service is over, but we still want to testify.”
“What’s your testimony?”
One old woman pointed toward the other old woman and said, “her son had died. The doctor who performed the C-Section said that the child is dead, take him. She was shattered. This was her first baby. So I told her to forget the doctor and pray to Jesus. We both began to pray, and the child was resurrected. That’s why she has come to give glory to Jesus.”
It didn’t seem to me that the cheerful old woman had come from the hospital, after C-Section, without her child. Yet, the two seemed so authentic and so determined to testify that I took them up to Bishop R. B. Lal, who was still at the Alter, casting out another demon.
David Philip asked the cameraman to film the testimony. My suspicion turned out right, by “son” the witness meant “grandson.” The grandmother had come from the hospital. The resurrected grandson was her son: the daughter-in-law had given birth to a dead child; the grandmother gave him life (with a little help from Jesus, of course.) Hopefully, on another Sunday the parents will bring the child and then we will have the video with the audio.

Please pray for the 30 girls who escaped death but face homelessness.
(This is an appeal for prayer, not for donations. I am not authorized to raise money for what God is doing in Allahabad. If you want to support the girls’ HOME, I will connect you directly with the Sister.)
Thank you for your prayers for me and support to the Revelation Movement!!
Yours for transforming India,
Vishal Mangalwadi
BOMI International

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