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Obama IS Trapped
But He Can Become a Great President 
Ghana dashed America’s hopes for World Cup! As a disappointed President watched the game last Saturday, his PR team may have breathed a sigh of relief: the loss in football diverted the attention away from the much greater loss of his leadership of the G-20 and G-8 nations.
Screen_shot_2010_06_30_at_4.32.05_PMObama had gone to Canada with great confidence. House and Senate Democrats stayed up the night before his departure finalizing 2,000-page bill to reform America’s financial sector. Media outlets hailed their achievement as Obama’s second biggest legislative success after Health Care Reform. The president looked forward to a triumphant return to sign that bill into law prior to the Fourth of July weekend. The bill is an admission that America’s Secular Capitalism has become a moral-economic mess. Given his falling popularity at home, the President needed the world’s leading economies to endorse his strategy of injecting more money to increase consumption, demand and therefore production. This will stimulate the sluggish economy, create more wealth, increase tax revenues, and (if everything goes well) reduce the deficit.
His European allies, however, were already dizzy from gazing into a terrifying abyss. They realize that one wrong pass could send the euro, if not the EU itself, tumbling into the dustbin of history. They are more anxious than Obama to try and prevent the Third Global Depression, after 1873 and 1929-31. Therefore, they could not fathom why President Obama can’t understand that our times call not for more Government spending but for reigning in the political-bureaucratic beast; for tightening the belt; for slashing spending and deficits, if not for also lowering taxes.
As a disappointed Obama returned home, he had several reasons to be scared:

  • November 2010 is coming: The chances of losing the Congress to Republicans are greater than those of losing a match to Ghana.
  • July 2011 is coming: He will need to either accept defeat and leave Afghanistan or keep fighting to win the war and lose America – that has no appetite to fight “Islamic terrorism” that no longer exists in Obama’s lexicon.
  • November 2012 is coming: Will he have to live with the legacy of piloting the world into another great depression?

Obama is strong: he could have borne the insult of a world doubting his ability to understand our economic crisis. The problem is, now his buddies are questioning his intellectual aptitude. They are scared that he might yield to Glen Beck’s Conservatism and abort their opportunity to stimulate the economy, serve the poor and save the planet. Therefore, these compassionate liberals denied their deflated President even a Sabbath rest. The New York Times used Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman to pressure Obama to disregard the world’s economic common sense and find more money for liberals to spend. After all, they sent him to the White House to regulate Wall Street; not to reign in their ambitions to save the world.
Obama is trapped: you may disagree with Professor Krugman’s prescription, but you have to concede that his analysis could be correct; we may have entered the first stage of a Depression. A dear friend of mine is 53. He is single, skilled, capable, responsible – and unemployed. His unemployment benefits have been renewed three times. Now he has received the notice that he is no longer eligible for an unemployment check (unless Obama comes through with another stimulus package).
What is Depression?
Screen_shot_2010_06_30_at_4.42.47_PMUnemployment, indebtedness, and hopelessness are descriptive words; suicide is an irreversible and tragic end. In my country of India thousands of peasant farmers commit suicide every year. Others sell their children into sexual slavery. Unemployed youth form gangs, if not militias. Ordinary people go rioting and looting. That is economic Depression.
Obama cares. He would like to help my unemployed friend. His problem is: how to find the money to help my friend and millions like him?
For centuries America’s education, character, work-ethic, inventiveness, entrepreneurship and adventurous spirit generated the wealth that cared for the poor around the world. During the last few decades, America’s secular compassion was also able to care for the poor because it turned Wall Street into history’s greatest gambling casino. First, the casino lured Saudi Sheikhs into paying for America’s poor. They exchanged oil for dollars, but since Islam neither developed modern banking nor a predictable political system, the Sheikhs invested their dollars into the glitter of gambling casinos on Wall Street and the World Trade Center. Al-Qaeda hated this cozy arrangement especially because it was not the free market, but American military that protected the oppressive status-quo in the Middle-East.
Easy wealth from the Gulf enabled Americans to reject their own soul – the Bible and the inventive-productive culture it had created. Notions such as “Whoever does not work should not eat” seemed outdated because Casinos make it possible for a few to fan covetousness in many so that they can play golf and eat luxuriously. Why should smart Americans work if the Indians can answer the calls? And why should they sweat, invent and manufacture if others can sweat and make things they need? Why should Americans create the wealth to serve the poor if the Chinese can be conned into investing $650 billion in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae . . . to provide homes to America’s homeless?
Prof. Krugman should worry: He is about to lose his most important follower, Barack Obama.  He should be upset because even if Obama remained a believer, come November “stupid” American voters will deprive the President of his legislative power to practice liberal, debt-ridden, Saudi/Chinese-financed compassion.
Obama’s Economic Trap
It is sad to see Obama’s supporters, such as Rolling Stone, back-stab him when he needs them the most. They think he is incompetent, while in reality he is trapped on multiple fronts: economically, he is trapped between his buddies who want him to spend more and the voters who no longer trust Government spending. If he follows Krugman he will lose voters: If he loses votes he will lose his buddies.
Obama needs the money to spend, but his Financial Regulation Bill is sending a clear message that America’s financial sector is no longer worthy of world’s trust. True, the bill is promising to regulate Wall Street. But the non-western world is already acquainted with corrupt politicians regulating corrupt businessmen.
Screen_shot_2010_06_30_at_4.43.11_PMHaving outsourced inventing, manufacturing and serving, America has little to sell besides dollars and bonds. But what is a dollar or a Government issued bond? It is a mere piece paper with a promise. Who can trust the promise of a Government that has lost its ability to even pay the pensions of its retired teachers? America’s unfunded liabilities, such as pensions, exceed one trillion dollars! Therefore, even the Chinese now know that it is foolish to trust America’s word.
Of course, the world is still buying the dollar. But everyone (except those who only watch football) knows that this is a passing phenomenon. Now the dollar is being bought only because the Euro’s future is even more uncertain. Those who are buying the dollar are also glued to their computer screens, ready to dump the dollar at a split second’s notice. That’s why the Wall Street casino has notified its players that the game will stop when the stampede starts to dump the dollar.
Who Trapped the World’s Most Powerful Man?
He is not simply the most powerful man in the world; the Fourth of July is a reminder that Obama is also the ruler of the land of the free. So who entrapped him?
Isn’t America’s Free Market economy managed by the world’s best trained and best paid professionals? So, why is everyone so panicky?
Why does America’s most respected investor Warren Buffet say that derivatives are the “economic weapons of mass destruction” that will do to Wall Street what Osama bin Laden could not even conceive? Why are politicians spending sleepless nights trying to pass 2000-page legislation to try and minimize the havoc this time-bomb will cause on Wall Street? What on earth happened to Adam Smith’s benevolent “invisible hand” that was supposed to guide free market enterprise for everyone’s good? Why should America’s poor and their beloved leader fret so much?
Adam Smith overlooked a minor detail: there are two invisible hands, not one, that are interested in controlling global economies. The Apostle Paul described to Timothy the other Invisible Hand that has trapped America’s Secular Capitalism:
“. . . gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.” (2 Tim 2: 25-26)
Screen_shot_2010_06_30_at_4.43.29_PMOf course it is possible that Paul’s supernatural worldview was primitive. After all he was simply accepting at face value what the devil himself had told Jesus – that the glory and splendor of the Wall Street and the White House were his. (Luke 4: 5 & Matthew 4: 8) Satan is a deceiver and the father of lies, but was he bluffing Jesus? 
Jesus accepted the devil’s claim that he was the prince of this world (John 12: 31). Why else would a Roman governor crucify a man whom he publicly acknowledged to be innocent?
John, Jesus’ beloved disciple, not only accepted the devil’s claim but went on to make this astounding statement, “We know that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.” (1 John 5:19). His statement sounds ridiculous today, but it must have made sense to his original readers who were trying to understand how their Emperor could arrest their innocent friends and burn them as human torches for state banquets. A generation ago, John’s statement also made sense to Oxbridge scholar C. S. Lewis, who wanted to understand how Europe’s most enlightened nation, could use its university graduates to murder millions of innocent people.
What Bankrupted Capitalism’s Biggest Banks?
In America, Apostle John’s statement began making sense a decade ago when Enron and Arthur Anderson exposed the moral bankruptcy of the best trained managers and auditors of Secular Capitalism. The Recession of 2007-08 did not expose merely the bankruptcy of America’s leading banks, financial sector, and Government Sponsored Economic Enterprises (AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae etc.) To discerning eyes, the Recession also exposed the spiritual bankruptcy of secular education. University has chopped off Adam Smith’s benevolent Invisible Hand which used to order the free market when it was regulated by the Law of God written in the hearts of people by the Spirit of God through the church, Church-controlled education, and the Bible-shaped culture. The Congress is passing a law to restrict the Free-Market’s freedom only because secularization has freed Americans from the moral law of God. A people that throw off God’s law condemn themselves to be controlled by corrupt rulers.
Obama’s Financial Regulation bill is formally acknowledging what Harvard’s MBA program had already recognized: that secular education has destroyed the moral foundations of America’s economic freedom and success. To revive the dead soul of America’s free-enterprise, Harvard attempted to inject a secularized morality into its graduates. It encouraged graduating students to debate, internalize and publicly sign the Thunderbird Professional Oath of Honor to manage the economy morally. In 2009, 44 percent of the graduating class took the oath with great fanfare. In 2010, only 33 percent of the students were naïve enough to sign the oath. In Appendix 1 of my book Truth and Transformation I have explained that it is not Oath Signers but Cross-Bearers who have what it takes to break the Devil’s trap over Secular Capitalism.
Secular Capitalism in a Supernatural Universe
President Obama has five options:

  1. Drift into a tragic depression and watch from the security of Camp David American blood flow into street sewage as the starving unemployed riot in the streets.
  2. Tax the rich to keep the poor calm. This option will destroy what remains of American character. America’s wealthy will hire Indian managers who are expert in bribing Revenue officers and keeping wealth off-shores in safe havens.
  3. Squeeze more money from honest, hard working tax-payers to sustain the poor and try harder to stimulate the economy. Congressmen who raise taxes will risk being lynched by their constituencies.
  4. Cease being a nation under God; discard “Just War Theory;” follow James Cameron’s scenario of sending America’s unemployed to colonize and exploit other people’s wealth. Indeed, the Pentagon has already mapped out Afghanistan’s untapped mineral wealth – in case Obama needs an excuse to continue his occupation of Afghanistan. This is the best secular option. It carries a few minor risks: (a) The Nobel Committee may ask President Obama to kindly return his Peace Prize, and (b) America will finally become a kingdom of Satan. When Might supersedes the Right, the military will not be content ruling the Middle East. It will have ambitious generals who will desire the glory of the White House.
  5. Obama’s other option is to follow Abraham Lincoln and acknowledge that we live in a supernatural universe in order to bring capitalism back under God’s invisible hand. The Financial Regulation bill that Obama hopes to sign this week is only an admission of America’s financial sinfulness. Would politicians use the fact of economic sin to expand their power over free markets or would moral failure of such magnitude make them fall on their faces in humble, national repentance?

Regulating Wall Street may be necessary. But does the Congress really think that it can fool the world? Before the Congress started calling secular capitalists corrupt, American voters were already telling every pollster that they think that their elected leaders were a source of that corruption.
Screen_shot_2010_06_30_at_4.43.55_PMObama can become as great a president as Abraham Lincoln: the path is uncomplicated. He has to do what Lincoln did – become America’s Repenter-in-Chief. He has to lead the nation in repentance, recover the fear of God, and restore the moral fabric of American Capitalism. This alone will give to the world a genuine reason to once again trust American character and therefore the dollar.
In May of 2009, I developed this point in four sermons preached at the Resurrection Life Church at Grandville, MI. The videos, “Will America Become a Kingdom of Darkness?” are now available from www.RevelationMovement.com. You are invited to join the forum on how to save America.
Do watch football on the Fourth of July; but if you have read so far, I think you are the sort of a person who will find these videos a very wise use of your time.
Wishing You a Genuinely Happy Independence Day
Vishal Mangalwadi

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