Dear Friends,
On 3 August 2015, Dr. Ashish Alexander and I began a nine months course to train ‘civil services aspirants’ in CHRD – The Centre For Human Resource Development at SHIATS, Deemed University.
Our theologically controversial goal is to develop godly leaders (Abrahams and Daniels) so that God may fulfill his promise to make India a “great nation.”
I have never heard or read a historian, secular or Christian, ever say that the DNA of modern India’s governance was forged in Calcutta’s Fort William College – a tiny institution established in 1800 to train godly civil servants for a very corrupt British East India Company. However, Three days a week William Carey taught at Fort William.
Most of the Bibles printed in Serampore, were translated at Fort William. Its other illustrious teacher was Henry Martyn.
Fort William’s Provost was Claudius Buchanan, the author of ‘Christian Researches in Asia.’ Buchanan did more than anyone else to inspire Christian families in Britain to dedicate the best of their boys to govern India with justice and compassion.
This Christian conspiracy to replace India’s corrupt English government with a godly government worked. It succeeded because British Evangelicals led by William Wilberforce, Charles Grant, Zachary Macualay,  and their Clapham community of bankers and politicians, backed it with a prayerful investment of time, energy, and money.
In 1806, these visionaries got the East India Company to establish Haileybury College, out side of London. It’s mission was to begin training High School students to grow up to go to Fort William, to prepare to serve India as godly leaders.
In 1833, Thomas Babbington Macaulay and Charles Grant, Jr. got the Parliament to pass their proposal that Indians must be trained and recruited to govern India as senior civil servants.
Twenty years later they found that not a single Indian had actually been recruited in higher echelons of civil services. Why? Because India had no university, therefore, no graduates. That began an effort that led to two historic decisions: the founding of the first three universities in Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta, and the recruitment of civil services, exclusively on the basis of merit, rather than race, bribes, and nepotism.
This multi-generational effort gave to free India one of the world’s finest bureaucracies and a police force. That is a PhD thesis waiting to be written. The factors that corrupted Indian police and civil services, included the corruption of evangelical theology. This has to be the subject of another PhD thesis. However, a Greater is the need to restart the training if a new generation of godly governors who are already seated with Christ in heavenly places, reigning with him.
SHIATS has set apart a good building and given ten computers for a digital library. Bathrooms are being built, but CHRD needs resources to build a small kitchen so that students can study for 12 hours a day.  More urgently, we need filming and editing equipment to digitize the teaching and make it available, so that poor but capable students could be trained cheaply in their local churches and communities.
Capacity to film and use Youtube (in English and Hindi) will enable us to reach many more people than we are reaching through Facebook and emails. For now, your online gifts through Revelation Movement will be used for this initiative. (Since Virtues Inc. is now a legal entity in Minnesota, Revelation Movement will no longer serve as a channel for contributions intended for them.)
On a personal note – SHIATS offered me a respectable honorarium. I chose to accept the advise of the Board of Revelation Movement to serve as a volunteer in order to retain the freedom to strategically promote the transforming power of God’s word around the world.
From September 25-Oct 2, Ruth and I hope to be at the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem to speak on Reformation and promote my books to ‘pilgrims’ from 100+ nations.
CHRD is my afternoon work. Mornings I want to devote to expanding “The Book That Made Your World” into a documentary-driven online educational curriculum.
Your prayers and contributions are invited.
Gratefully Yours,
Vishal Mangalwadi