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Greetings from green, clean, and beautiful Uganda – the pearl of Africa.

It is a nation that God has blessed with Christian leaders whose vision for transforming their country is unusual.
My hosts are Bishop Joshua Lwere, the elected head of 25,000 Pentecostal churches, and Dr. James Magara, an outstanding dentist, who (among many other things) leads the Institute for National Transformation.
A few years ago, on the 50th anniversary of this Nation’s Independence, they inspired Uganda’s President to repent for the sins of national leaders in a public ceremony and to dedicate the nation to the triune God. This was followed up by similar events at regional levels where kings and leaders came to repent and dedicate their regions to God. Idi Amin’s brother was forgiven and embraced by Christians whose families had been wiped out by the dictator.
I came here mainly to speak to 2,000+ Christian leaders in the Global Leadership Summit on Nov 5-6. I am the live speaker. The other resource persons will speak through DVDs, received from the Leadership Summit, hosted at Willow Creek Church, Chicago earlier this year. I was invited because many African leaders are studying my books such as “The Book That Made Your World” and “Truth and Transformation.”
Bishop Lwere and Dr. Magara are keen to start Church-based college education under Academic Pastors, using a web-based curriculum. Today, Dr. Magara and I visited the Uganda Christian University (UCU), where the President likes the idea and wants us to come back with a concrete proposal.
Since Joshua Lwere – a Pentecostal Bishop – is already promoting agricultural development through his churches, in partnership with another Christian university, I proposed that the next step should be to build up a Department of Food Technology and Entrepreneurship. The proposal has resonated because the UCU had already attempted to start such a department. However, iIt did not take off, and therefore, they are open to international cooperation.
I have a few concrete ideas – please pray that the Lord will grant us favor as I speak to two individuals who can make this happen. Getting Christians into food processing technology and business will require a tremendous shift in theology.
Yesterday, in the Gym in my hotel, the aerobics class was playing loud Christian music. (I joined them in worship on my machine only.) Since one does not hear Christian worship songs in public health clubs in America, I assumed that the hotel must be owned by a Christian. Today, I learned that it is owned by a Muslim!
Christians do not own businesses such as hotels because for decades they have been expecting to be Raptured! For theological reasons they did not enter politics either! Praise God that books such as “Truth and Transformation: A Manifesto for Ailing Nations” is making an impact on the emerging Christian leadership.
We need cheaper editions of such books. Praise God for the team that the Lord is building up in India and please pray that the Lord will provide the resources to publish cheaper editions, so they can distribute them in countries that cannot afford to buy books at American prices.
At the end of December, I am speaking at the Diamond Jubilee Conference of the Union of Evangelical Students of India in Chennai. About 2,000 have already registered. We need to reprint several titles before that conference.
Rejoicing at what God is doing in Uganda and praying that He will do similar things in India!
Yours truly,
Vishal Mangalwadi

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