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Ukraine’s choice between EU and Russia is tough. Both want to swallow it. The EU has been seducing it like the snake in the jungle book, but Putin already has Ukraine’s tail in his crocodile teeth.
Russia is sensing that the (biblical) age of sovereign “nation-states” is dying and that a new era of pagan empires is about to be born. Russia also thinks it may be able to stand up to Chinese, European, and America empires – if it regains its Soviet era states. Does Ukraine now offer that possibility?
Putin on TimePutin can ignore Obama’s threat because when it comes to choosing between the Nobel Peace Prize and Ukraine, the American Congress will likely only ask him to keep the Prize and leave Ukraine alone. Without America, France and Britain could not even enforce a “no fly zone” over Gadhafi’s Libya. So, will they they even bother opposing Russia now over an oil-less Ukraine?
Two years ago, I was invited to speak to the leaders of one of the world’s largest missionary movements. The mission had been encouraging its staff to study “The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization.”
During the ten days that I was with them, some missions leaders lamented that after communism collapsed in Eastern Europe, American missions betrayed Russia and other state including Ukraine.  Indeed, many in former Soviet states invited Christian missions to teach them how to build great nations. But, most missions did not go.
Why? Russia and Ukraine were neither “unreached peoples groups” (biblical “nations”, according to the prevalent missiology in America, still today) nor were they in the 10/40 window (the then evangelical craze, which has now been replaced by 4/14 window craze.) Those who did go to Russia and Ukraine, according to one mission, “had nothing to say.” Another American who had volunteered, and went to Russia twice, told me that they did little besides teaching “Four Spiritual Laws.”
Why? It is because the American evangelicalism has no idea how and why the Protestant gospel built history’s greatest nations! American prosperity focused brand of evangelicalism so disillusioned the Russians that Putin has had to turn to the Orthodox Church as a more pragmatic means to manipulate his people. The modern respect for national borders came from the Bible (Deuteronomy 32:8; Acts 17:26). If the Bible’s “boring” books such as Joshua are not God’s word then Putin has no reason to respect Ukraine’s borders.
In my judgment, it is only a matter of decades before America stops respecting its border with Canada – the world’s largest border protected by the biblical view of nations and shared by America and Canada. A financially and biblically bankrupt America will look upon its neighbors exactly as did Hitler yesterday and Putin today. After all, if marriage borders separating spouses are no longer sacred (God made), then why should national borders be sacred? Russia may be weaker than America, but Putin is stronger than Obama.
Today, Indians disillusioned by Hinduism and Secularism are turning to Christ by the millions. India’s tragedy is that America’s mindless missions are giving them “prosperity stories” in place of liberating truth – the truth that disciples nations (along with saving souls).

-Vishal Mangalwadi

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