Apollos Watered: Deep Conversation with Travis Michael Fleming & Vishal Mangalwadi - Revelation Movement

Apollos Watered: Deep Conversation with Travis Michael Fleming & Vishal Mangalwadi

Travis welcomes Vishal Mangalwadi to the show, Apollos Watered. Vishal is India’s foremost Christian intellectual. He is a social reformer, activist, author, and columnist whose writings and videos have been featured around the world. He has lectured in over 40 countries, written 17 books, and contributed to several others. He joined Travis to discuss his book, The Book That Made Your World, but quickly transitioned to discuss the Third Education Revelation.
Out of all of our episodes, this is probably the most controversial and our longest episode to date. Rather than divide it into two we wanted to you to get the full idea of Vishal’s proposal. Vishal maintains that Christians in North America have got the Great Commission wrong, and have actually harmed the faith as a result of it. His desire is to recover the full expression of the Great Commission and return to educating and catechizing the church, all the while removing ourselves from secular education. He makes some bold critiques and proposals that will frustrate, enrage, and make you think.
Is he right? Is he wrong? Listen in and find out!
The inspiration for the Revelation Movement began in 1995, in the heart of a little-known Indian philosopher, Vishal Mangalwadi. It came as he prayerfully researched a response to an attack on the Bible by one of India’s most prominent and public intellectuals.
Mangalwadi’s initial response to the attack was published in a letter, “The Bible and Civilization in the Second Millennium” included in his book titled, Missionary Conspiracy: Letters to a Postmodern Hindu (1966). The letter presented Vishal’s case for his controversial claim that the Bible was the book that created the modern world, including modern India. His case for the Bible's role in creating modern India was further developed in Mangalwadi’s 1997 book, India: The Grand Experiment.
Come drink from the fire hose! Join host Travis Michael Fleming as he explores the deep things of God from a biblically grounded, confessionally Christian, globally engaged perspective. No matter who you are, where you are from or what your situation, we believe God has something to say to you. In each episode we dive into the deep things of God as given to us in the Bible: from family and culture to religion, identity and yes, God himself especially through the person and work of Jesus Christ. Along the way we will interview Christian leaders, recommend resources to help your faith grow and share stories of the Church from all over the globe. Look out for special Cross-Culturing episodes to help you understand and love those who come from a different background than you. Apollos Watered is here to saturate your faith so you can saturate your world with the good news of Jesus.
Travis Michael Fleming | Apollos Watered YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@apolloswatered

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