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Dear Friends:
Thank you for your support & solidarity in our ‘mission impossible’:
Making God’s Word the ‘book’ of the 21st Century, by expounding its truth and power.
An Update:
Without your prayers and support our mission would not be impossible. But, since our move to Germany, the Lord has blessed our movement with a lot of progress. We want to periodically share with you our supporters, how our work and His revelation is blessing others with Truth.

Our Core Book and Its Influence

You will be pleased to know that the primary publication in our mission, “The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilisation” has sold over 50,000 copies in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Finnish.
An Italian translation has been completed for publication.  A contract for a Norwegian edition has been signed. Many universities, seminaries, churches and thoughtful individuals are studying the book.
There is more:

  • Recently thirty scholars, In India, wrote papers on the Bible’s impact in shaping modern India. That curiosity to revisit the power and impact of God’s Word is gaining ground around the world.
  • A single church in London, Charles Surgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle, has sold more than a thousand copies in English and Spanish.
  • I’ve been invited to give the keynote address at an October 14-17 Philippine conference backed by the Australian Bible Society & World Evangelical Fellowship (thanks to Chuck Stetson’s initiative) where two hundred scholars are expected to gather to explore the Bible’s impact on Asia.
  • I was invited to a Finland Parliament reception to launch the book. Following that the Honorable Mr. Antero Lukkanen (picture below), a Member of Parliament, devoted a whole day promoting the book in one of Finland’s largest Youth Festivals.
  • In Brazil, fans of the book were inspired, partnership with the Museum of the Bible and the Brazilian Bible Society, to write a play to communicate the importance of the Bible to society to be performed at a number of celebrations in Brazil celebrating the anniversary of the Reformation.
  • Between January & July 6, I was invited to give 104 lectures/sermons in 7 countries in three continents. I also led over 50 hours of bible study, discussion and informal presentations in India, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Finland and England. Several of these lectures were given to strategic multipliers: business and political leaders, university students and faculty, seminaries and pastors, and School teachers.

Media Attention

In addition to these lectures and appearances, several dozen interviews, video and audio lectures have been uploaded on the internet. Some of the TV interviews are being broadcast also in Sweden, Norway and Russia. Christian media in Germany and Finland has given extensive coverage to these presentations.
Michael Austin has done a great job in revising our website, We are editing new content and with the help of needed administrative assistance, I will be posting new materials that others have filmed and uploaded.
A young Indian engineer, Billy Graham (BG) Ram, is teaming up with us as an intern for one-year. Last year, he made six videos with me to answer some of the questions students were asking in an Indian university. Currently he is making a documentary on Prostitution in India. In future, I plan, with BG’s help, to make a series of documentaries on the Bible’s impact on Indian nationhood, education, medicine, law, governance, and social reform.
Also, as the Lord provides, we will produce digital content of the mission’s work around the world. Traveling with me, BG will help film lectures , interview content for a TV series on the Bible as the book that created the modern world.

Present Base

Three years ago the Lord began to say to me that I needed to spend 2017 — the 500th anniversary of the Reformation — in Germany. Everyone is talking about the Reformation, my role is to help people understand how God’s Word reforms.
A Christian community in Germany, ‘Younger Christians on the Offensive’ has become our spiritual, practical, accountability support-structure for this mEurope. Ruth and I rent one of their houses as our home and office to research, write, disciple others, and to minister in Europe. Judith Debus, a school teacher-turned-seminarian, hopes to become an associate of this community in September 2017, to work full time as my German Executive Assistant.
Most of my lectures and travels within Germany have been coordinated by Hans-Joachim Hahn, the Coordinator of the Professors’ Network, a part of the worldwide ministry, Campus For Christ, now known as Cru in America. Within Germany and Switzerland, Hans-Joachim travels with Ruth and I (often in his car) and he interprets for me.

On July 28-29, a group will come together in our village in Germany to think and pray with me to use our time in Europe more strategically. This development has been initiated by Andreas Wieland (a German friend of Rabi Maharaj) and Alfred Martin in Zurich.
From August 12-17, Ruth and I will be with Pastor Rice Broocks in Nashville, TN. The objective is to think and pray about the most strategic use of our time, talents and diminishing energy. Pastor Broocks is the author of 9 books, including “God’s Not Dead.” His books have already been turned into two successful feature films. A third film is under production. His passion is to evangelise and train university students with a view to establishing churches amongst the unchurched. Almost 80 countries have churches associated with his ministry, Every Nation.

Your prayers and input is invited as we visit Pastor Broocks, his family, and his church to think and pray for the world and consider our role over the next few years. Chuck Stetson, whose work in promoting the Bible in Public Schools was featured on the cover of TIME magazine, will join these discussions to consider how we can team-up to stimulate teaching of the Bible in schools around the world.

Financial Support
So far, Ruth and I have been reluctant to ask individuals and churches to support us. Yet, now we are submitting to our Board’s wisdom that a level of financial stability will go a long way in freeing us to research, write, make films while building a team that helps us produce what is most important.
Therefore, we are prayerfully asking you to consider partnering with us.
With your help and the help of others who will come along side due to your interest and enthusiasm for God’s word, our loving Father will enable us to make His word the book of the 21st century.

We ask is that you pray for us in your private quiet time. Ask for the Lord’s guidance and, if so led, become a financial partner, regularly contributing to this ministry.

Whatever your decision, we ask you to continue to visit our website and Facebook pages where you can get updates on our progress.

May the grace and peace of our Savior, Jesus Christ, be with you in abundance.

Vishal & Ruth Mangalwadi

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