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At the turn of the millennium (1999-2000), Vishal and Ruth Mangalwadi spent a year in the Cambridge University library, researching the Bible’s role in the development of modern Western culture. Later that year, they were invited to the USA to make a television series on the Bible as the most influential book of the second millennium AD.

Find out more about Revelation Movement’s vision for producing television and film productions on the Film Projects page.

Extended exposure to the West, while living Europe and the US, helped Vishal understand why a growing rejection of the Bible was leading to the decline of Western civilization. This experience lead to a vision for how local church-based education centers could offer sustainable higher education throughout the world. Explore this vision on the Discipling the Nations page.

While Revelation Movement is impacting many nations, Vishal is increasingly focused on how God’s Word continues to make India a great nation. To learn more, visit the page – India – Making a Great Nation.

You are invited to join this Revelation Movement!
In doing so, you become a part of a movement to remind this generation that the Bible is the foundation of Western Civilization as well as all nations seeking to be just, free and prosperous.

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