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A Feature Film Depicting the Rise and Decline of the West

The film, Titanic, was a major motion picture and an epic story, but the rise and fall of the West is a far more compelling and timely story. It is timely especially because In 2017, the world will celebrate (or ridicule) the 500th anniversary of the birth of the modern world.

It was on October 31, 1517, that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the castle church of Wittenberg. That event began a movement that would establish the Bible as the most important book of the second millennium AD. As startling, what were once protestant nations in the West are now rapidly sinking into the abyss of darkness because they have rejected the Bible!

In response, Revelation Movement is turning its perspective of Western history into a major feature film – the story of the rise and decline of the West. A script is now being developed to meet popular standards, acceptable to Hollywood studios.

A Documentary Series on the Bible – The Book that Created the Modern World.

In addition to the feature film, Revelation Movement is undertaking to produce a documentary TV series on how the Bible built the modern world. The series will entertain, educate, and inspire future generations to build their lives and nations upon the rock – the Word of God.

This for-television broadcast series will be used as part of  the education curriculum Revelation Movement is producing for High School and first year college students, under the Discipling the Nations Initiative.

To learn more, visit the partner Initiative page, Discipling the Nations.

Financial support for this Initiative is needed to hire professionals with the experienced required to help shape and produce these important projects.

A Bus Journey To Find The Lost Soul of the West

Six international students go on a bus journey to discover the real secret of the West’s unique development: The explorers want to reach the roots of the West’s defining features such as:

  • Intellectual-social optimism and progress
  • Education and Inventiveness
  • Human Equality, Dignity and Rights
  • Monogamous Family and Empowerment of Women and Children
  • Compassion and Healthcare
  • Rule of law and Justice
  • Moral Integrity and eradication of chronic corruption
  • Political Freedoms: Sovereignty of nations and individuals
  • Technology and Industrialization
  • Science — Its Philosophy & Scientific Revolution
  • Arts, Music, Sports and Entertainment
  • Economy: excellence in work ethic and trustworthiness in business
  • Tolerance — religious liberty and respect for individual conscience
  • Journalism and Literature
  • Urbanization and Infrastructure

Accompanied by their Professor, Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi and a professional film-crew, the students go to the locations where the modern world was shaped. They travel from Athens to the University of Bologna; from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the apple tree in Trinity College, Cambridge; from the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican to the Castle Church of Witten-berg; from Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell to Washington’s Capitol Hill, from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London to the United Nations in Geneva; from the battlefields of Waterloo to EU’s Parliament in Brussels.

In palaces, prisons and parliaments; monasteries, universities and muse-ums; battle-fields, libraries and farms; cathedrals, cemeteries and publish-ing houses, the researchers interview from 75 – 100 scholars and experts who explain the role the wisdom of Greece and Rome, Christianity and Is-lam, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment and Secularism played in creating the modern world.

Some experts support while others refute Prof. Mangalwadi’s thesis that the ancient writings of Jewish sages and books that the Christians called the New Testament, is the real source of the relative success of the West.

The students learn that at conscious level much of the West has now am-putated its soul — the Bible. Yet, the social capital created by the Bible continues to serve as the hidden intellectual and moral resource that sus-tains the modern world. For example, those who denounce the Bible’s idea that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, continue to es-pouse the Bible’s unique idea of monogamy: that an individual should be allowed only one legal partner. The case for same-sex marriage is built simultaneously on the rejection of the Bible’s idea of gender and an ac-ceptance of the Bible’s promotion of tolerance, equality and monogamy.

The Background:

This 15-20 part docuseries is based on Professor Mangalwadi’s research ar-ticulated in books such as:

  • The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization (Thomas Nelson, 2011)
  • This Book Changed Everything: (Vol 1) The Bible’s Amazing Impact On Our World (Sought After Media, 2019). Three more volumes are planned in this series.
  • India — The Grand Experiment (Pippa Rann Books, 1997)
  • The Bible in India (Nivedit Good Books 2015)

The Plan:

  • The architecture of this Reality TV type series will be designed in con-sultation with experienced Directors, Producers, Distributors, Script-writers and entertainment Attorneys.
  • A group of scriptwriters, with long-term commitment, will work under Prof. Mangalwadi and an Executive Producer to write the Treatments for each episode.
  • A Casting Director will help select the on-camera talent (researchers).
  • Executive Producer will help prepare the detailed budget for Produc-tion, Post-Production, Promotion and Distribution.

Docuseries and Educational Curriculum

  • This 15-20 part docu-series is meant for broadcast on TV channels such as History or Discovery and as web-series on distribution outlets such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • Each episode will interview about five experts, giving us 10 or more hours of footage. It will be scripted to present conflicting perspectives that engage the viewers by creating and resolving tension.
  • The docu-series will use only 5-10 minutes from each interview. Rest of the relevant footage from the interviews, discussions and exploration will be used in a curriculum for Online BA in Applied Theology. This undergraduate level course will help leaders understand the Bible’s worldview and spirituality. The BA students will be equipped to be-come Academic Pastors in their churches, offering online High School diplomas and other certificate, diploma, and degree level courses.

Immediate Financial Needs

The full budget for pre-production, production, and distribution the series will be made by professionals, after the treatments have been written out for all the episodes. The immediate development money needed to get this project started is approximately $250,000. This will be used as follows:

  • $ 75,000 for Consultation with Producers, Directors, Scriptwriters, International Distributors, Investors, and Attorneys. After individual have been consulted, an invited group of advisers will meet for a few days to pray and prepare/approve an action plan. This will include building a worldwide network for effective distribution and follow-up.
  • $ 75,000 for Treatments. A small team of scriptwriters will meet together to plan the entire series. Then individual scriptwriters will write the treatments for the episodes assigned to them according to their interest and aptitude. Dr. Mangalwadi, a Producer, and experts in the are of an episode will guide the Treatments. These treatments will serve as the basis for filming and interviews. Final scripts for editing the episodes will be written after all the footage has been transcribed and reviewed. Every script will build dramatic tension, conflict of worldview, and credible resolution. Personalities of on camera talent as well as the historical characters being reviewed will be used to intro-duce appropriate humor or gravitas.
  • $100,000 for Development. This will include legal costs, meetings with potential investors/donors, retreat for scriptwriters and produc-ers, organizational costs for non-profit and for-profit aspects of the project, setting up of an international base and network, research and procurement of the works of experts to be interviewed; scheduling in-terviews with experts, selection of international talent, and extended training for the international team, including assigning them books to read.

Current Organizational Structure

BOMI (Book of the Millennium International) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, registered in Minnesota (USA), licensed to operate out of California. It fi-nanced, therefore owns, the Intellectual Property Rights to the research Dr. Mangalwadi did for “The Book That Made Your World.” BOMI func-tions under the brand-name “Revelation Movement.” It is governed by a US Board but intends to make the governing board an international body by including non-US Board members. Vishal Mangalwadi and Dr. Mark Harris serve as the chairman and Executive Vice Chairman of BOMI. The intellectual properties (The “Treatments” for various episodes) created by scriptwriters will belong to BOMI, until appropriate legal structures are created and payment has been made or agreed to.

In Germany, Campus Für Christus, will receive tax-deductible donations for this project. The use of these donations will be supervised by the in-formal German-Swiss group that has been meeting for the last 3-years to guide the development of this project. Mr. Andreas Wieland and Mr. Hans-Joachim Hahn serve as the co-leaders of this advisory group. If and when necessary, this group could grow into a legally incorporated body.

Docuseries and the Development of Global Leadership

Although only 6 or 7 researchers may be on camera, the Docuseries will select and train 12-20 international scholars in biblical worldview, its im-pact upon history, and how to communicate it effectively in personal evan-gelism and media. The series will be made by professional videographers but each researcher will travel with his own camera. He will learn to edit his footage to create resources for his own culture and language group.


We the undersigned would like to begin Pre-Production in April-May 2019. The time-frame for production, pre-production, and distribution will depend on funding and professional guidance. We anticipate 100 days for filming 75 or so interviews.

Footage not used for the docuseries will be made available for the Educa-tion Curriculum on Applied Theology. The curriculum will be funded and distributed separately through Christian universities, colleges, and schools.

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