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Uganda: A Radical New Beginning?

Two hundred top leaders of 30,000 Pentecostal churches met together in Uganda from January 7-11, 2019, to inquire, “How can we disciple our nation?”

The Gospel came to Uganda over 120 years ago. Today, 84% of the nation is Christian… and yet, it is mired in corruption, poverty, injustices, violence, ignorance and superstitions.

This British “Protectorate” became an independent nation in 1962. Since then governments have changed nine times. Despite democratic constitutions, not one transfer of power has been peaceful. Therefore, thoughtful people have the right to ask: “What use is such a Christianity? Is it worth spreading in other nations?”

The National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBPC), led by a visionary General Overseer (Archbishop) Joshua Lwere, represents over 10% of Uganda’s population.

Ugandan leaders who met unanimously decided to do what Reformers such as John Knox and Andrew Melville had done for Scotland in the 16th-17th centuries: That is, to equip pastors to become Academic Pastors. Then support them to develop their churches into centers of education — in our case, hybrid education that would combine face-to-face mentoring with
world-class, web-based curriculum; vocational training along with truth and virtue. Information and skills meant to inspire minds and hearts to love God and the neighbors.

As in many countries, WiFi is limited in Uganda. Therefore, curriculum,
webinars etc will need to use educational satellite. RuahTech solutions, a group of dedicated techies, based in Chennai (India) and Melbourne (Australia), have come forward to provide technical support. They are already supporting Revelation Movement as well as an Indian mission getting organized to enable frontline evangelists/pastors to develop churches that are centers of web-based education.

Beginning February 2020, Kumi University in East Uganda, has decided to offer an online BA in Applied Theology to church leaders who cannot leave homes and churches to become full time students. This university (started by Food For the Hungry International) is supported by a South Korean charity.

Pastors who care for their communities are ready to become Academic Pastors. They are proven leaders. They have the aptitude. However, some of them have not had the opportunity to get accredited High School diplomas. For that reason they cannot enroll in a university program.

Thankfully, Uganda’s YWAM/University of the Nations has offered to help prepare them for online university level studies.

Academic Pastors will be like “home-schooling parents” credentialed to become church-school parents. They will be Youth Pastors Version 2.0. They will make “Priesthood of all believers” a doctrine that transforms developing
nations as it transformed the West.

Remember: the Protestant Reformation transformed only some nations in Europe — only where churches went beyond saving individual souls on to discipling nations. These churches marinated youth in truth. Let’s take a
quick detour to review a forgotten chapter of world history.

Learning From History

In August 1520, Martin Luther wrote a historic tract “To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation.” It urged rulers to take responsibility to educate the youth. Why? Because Jesus had shed his blood to make every child of God a
priest (Rev 5: 9-10). The Roman Catholic Church had been educating priests such as Luther himself. It did not teach Christians who were non-priests. Luther reasoned: if every child is to grow up to offer his best to God, then
everyone must be educated to know all of God’s truth.

Knowledge is power. The state had no schools and the priests did not want to share their power with the people. That’s why rulers needed to understand and intervene. Luther’s plea turned a pastor’s home into the first
school attended by every child — Lutheran or not. Huldrych Zwingli brought Luther’s education proposal to Zurich, Switzerland.

Soon, pastors’ homes ran out of space. Therefore, in 1524, Luther wrote “To the Councilmen of all Cities in Germany:” God’s word makes Elders responsible for the instruction of the young. Therefore, every City Council must build and maintain buildings that a pastor-master could use to educate the youth.

It was the apostle Paul who had introduced the well-established Jewish institution of the Rabbi to Europe: a Christian priest should not be a pagan magician, performing mumbo-jumbo rituals. Shepherds were to be preachers-teachers (1 Timothy 2: 7; Titus 1: 1 etc) building up saints in the knowledge of the truth. Paul and Luther did not think that God wanted all men to be saved just to “go to heaven”. The Scriptures said, “God wants all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.” (1 Tim 2: 4). Truth liberates; rituals and faith (when based on ignorance) enslave.

By 1530, Luther was furious because many parents wanted their children to spend the best part of each day chopping wood, cutting grass, or growing corn. In order to be God’s image they needed to cultivate their minds and nurture their souls. The intellectual apathy of illiterate Protestant parents moved Luther to compose, preach and publish his history-shaping sermon: To ‘seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness’ means to accept the inconvenience of sending your child to church-school and keep him/her there until a child is filled with the knowledge of God — grounded in truth and Christ-like character.

Today, education is un-reforming the West. A typical High School graduate thinks that science must define words. So, biologically, a “Father” is simply a male who makes a female pregnant.

Is he responsible for the pregnant female and for the baby?

Science can not teach anyone to respect life. Therefore, “educated” but deceived people believe that parents have the scientific (evolutionary) right to kill babies in the womb. They should be free to abandon unwanted kids
once they are outside the womb. If the state does not allow infanticide, then it must take care of unwanted children, while their parents enjoy drugs and dance.

Does “father” mean being a responsible citizen: building cities, social and political infrastructures and institutions that promise a safe and secure future to your child?

In my new book series, “This Book Changed Everything,” I explain that through the “Shorter” Catechism, Luther made every student memorize the Lord’s prayer. His Longer Catechism expounded “Our Father.” If God defines Fatherhood, then it implies responsibilities that cannot be taught by education-without-the-Bible.

Postmodern education has no option but to un-educate the next generation. Let alone “fatherhood”, the dismantling of modern civilization has gathered such momentum that even university professors no longer know what male and female is: what is sex and marriage; love and divorce; soul and freedom; right and wrong, justice and nation; virtue and work; equity, iniquity, and profit; communism, socialism, and capitalism; language, logic and law. The biblical worldview that spread through the pulpit, church schools and post-Reformation literature and press built great nations. Now
those ideas have been deconstructed by the diabolical deception that masquerades as education. “Fake news” is a fruit, not the cause of Post-Christian civilization.

Uganda and India, like many other nations, have good “Christian” schools and colleges. But most of them are built on a belief in the “priesthood of rich believers.” Only the rich can send their children to these institutions. The
rich children learn from these institutions how to make more money. Graduates form Christian schools do become priests… but they serve a god called Mammon.

The education-revolution envisioned by the leaders that met in Uganda seeks to enable every church, to equip every student, rich or poor, to become a priest and king, serving the God of truth and holiness as they serve their neighbours.

This is Your Invitation to Participate in Changing the Future

Leaders from Uganda and Kumi University are coming to Phoenix, AZ (USA) from June 24-30 to meet with concerned individuals and institutions already engaged in similar efforts. The main education-consultation is on June 25-
27. They will be joined with key practitioners and visionaries from Indonesia, India, Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and the USA. Together, we will prepare a detailed Action Plan to help the proposed education reformation get off the ground.

The Phoenix Consultation will study the Bible to examine if the Great Commission to disciple nations makes the church responsible for educating youth in veritas and virtue.

Participants will learn from the experiments and struggles of Kumi University in Uganda, in Indonesia, in Africa, in Minnesota, and perhaps also from SHUATS in India, and Africa Christian university in Zambia. The Consultation will also invite a few American universities who ought to begin an effort to take American education back from the Devil.

Prayerfully, the Consultation will consider technical and financial challenges and available options to take the world’s finest education to students in remote regions — an not just to Christians.

The Consultants will constitute virtual teams for:

  • Curricula: Begin selecting, creating, and translating school and college level curricula that Academic Pastors will use in the years to come.
  • Technology: To stay ahead of the curve in finding and using the best affordable technology.
  • Finance: To help frontline practitioners find the resources needed to priesthood of ALL believers (rich or poor) the driving force behind universal and college education.
  • Theology: To help the global church recover a robust, optimistic theology of discipling nations.
The Hosts:

Vishal Mangalwadi — RevelationMovement

Bob Moffitt — Harvest International

Dwight Vogt — Disciple Nation Alliance

Consultation Coordinator:

If you wish to participate or send someone, please contact

Joe Thomas

Harvest Foundation

P.O. Box 2670

Phoenix, AZ. 85004

Office: 602-258-1083

Cell: 602-831-7117

Our Need:

We need $46,000 for the Consultation and its follow-up. Some participants, already engaged in this mission, need scholarships for travel, room and board. A few need to spend extra days to (a) visit Silicon Valley (b) meet
with experts in curriculum creation, and (c) potential major donors.

You can contribute online:

Checks can be sent to:

Revelation Movement

1605 E. Elizabeth St

Pasadena, CA 91104

The donors of $ 100 or more will receive a signed copy of Vishal’s new book:

This Book Changed Everything:

The Bible’s Amazing Impact On Our World

Thanking you for your prayers and financial participation,

Vishal & Ruth Mangalwadi

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