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Mangalwadi, blueDear Friends:
Several of my books and videos, as well as Dr. Babu Verghese’s 700-page study, titled: “Let There Be India: The Bible’s Impact on Nation-Building” have presented the case that Christianity created modern India as a nation – a united, free, and developing nation.
Christianity gave us the rule of law. the very idea of constitutional democracy, modern education, and a civil service. However, it is apparent now that none of this will work without the Gospel.
The Church must train godly leaders who will make India a great nation, free from corruption and oppression – Godly leaders who care for Truth, for the poor, for justice and righteousness.
Ashirwad Learning Center
Therefore, from June 26-28, 2015, Christian writers, designers and IT professionals will launch a national movement to develop Godly leaders. The event will begin at 9.30 am, on June 26th and conclude with a Businessmen’s dinner on Sunday the 28th, at 9.30 pm.
The writers will begin preparing:

  • A Sunday School curriculum to enable gifted children to go through the Bible studying leaders who built a great nation, who then destroyed it, and those (including the prophets) who rebuilt the nation. The Leadership Class in Sunday Schools will also look at How Jesus and His disciples began to fulfil a great nation’s mandate to bless all nations.
  • The Sunday School class, In the second phase, will continue to look at men and women who were inspired by the Bible to build modern nations in Europe, North America, and Asia – especially India.
  • The network of writers will also create curriculum for Leadership Clubs at High School and College level.

Ashirwad Learning Center AudAs Head of the Center for Human Resource Development in SHIATS (Deemed) University,
I will be coaching some of our brightest students to become competent Civil Servants with Character. These classes will be filmed and turned into digital curriculum materials so that any church can use them anywhere, to train godly leaders and build a great nation.
As you will see, this is an much needed plan.
Please link here to see the formal meeting agenda and invitation!
I am asking you to participate in this work!
Our immediate need is for two cameras, as well as lighting and editing equipment, to start creating the curricula. Once underway, we will need at least $10,000 to get this literary movement off the ground.
Thank you for your prayers and support for Church-based College Education!
The stage is now set for Churches and Parents to launch an EDUCATION REVOLUTION!
Please join us at Ashirwad Global Learning Center, Hyderabad, India – June 26-28!!!
Vishal Mangalwadi,
BOMI International

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