Photos refer to: (1)AlJazeera’s report “Babies for sale” in Malaysia. (2) Medical students in Indiana University buy body parts of aborted babies.

An American activist protests against Asian couples selling their daughters. Next day she marches for her right to abort her own baby, even if her baby’s cut-up body-parts are sold to the highest bidder.

Vermont’s ‘Republican’ Governor, Phil Scott, signs a bill that his state gives a mother the right to murder the 9-month old baby in her womb. Louisiana’s ‘Democratic’ Governor, John Bel Edwards, signs an opposite bill: his state bans abortions once a baby’s heartbeat is detectable.

Well, the confused American activist judges Asian culture to be immoral because her parents’ taught her that a ‘person’ must not be bought, caged and auctioned like an ‘animal.’ She fights for her right to sell her baby’s body-parts because her university teaches that a ‘person’ is just a blob of meat. “Personhood” is an artificial construct of a language shaped by the Bible, this outdated idea implies human dignity, inalienable rights to life and liberty, conscience, male and female. The Bible “misled” the West into believing that human beings were different than animals and robots because they were persons, made in God’s image. Animals killed can be eaten; robots don’t require funerals  but a human’s dignity has to be affirmed even after his death.

God’s command, “Thou shall not commit murder” gave to every human being a right to life. The state can take that right away because, as Nietzche lamented, the Enlightenment murdered God. The postmodern university teaches that even though every cell and every atom is “information”, our Creator cannot possibly communicate His commands.

Take another insanity: a democratic Britain votes to be a sovereign nation independent of EU’s control. Some Members of her Parliament elected by the same voters, treat the voice of sovereign citizens as the voice of the Devil. How can that be?

Well, . . . the ideas of sovereignty of nations and citizens came from the Bible. Without the Bible the west has no choice but to revert back to the pagan idea of empire. It was the Bible that taught that God demolished the imperial city of Babel to create sovereign nations. God’s kingdom undermines empires. His light shows nations the path to become great nations. . . when sinful citizens are given the authority to become God’s children, they sit on their Father’s throne (Revelation 3:21) as “kings”.

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On June 29, the participants will guide our desire to make a Docuseries, “A Bus Journey to Find the Lost Soul of the West.” In this Reality TV type series, six or so international scholars will take a bus journey with a film crew to visit locations where the modern world was made. They will meet with experts and ask: what role did Greece and Rome; Paganism, Christianity, and atheism; Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment play in creating the modern world. The investigators will test the thesis that the Bible created the modern world; without its light the West is lost in the darkness of its own making.

Education is a process of civilising individuals. Therefore, Phoenix Consultation is about reviving civilization’s soul. It will enable churches in Africa, Asia, South and North America to fulfill the Great Commission to disciple nations. They will marinate the next generations in Truth and Virtue.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support
Vishal Mangalwadi


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